Rawlplug’s success has been built on fruitful, enduring partnerships with its suppliers. Today, we work with around 1,000 suppliers, some of which are local to us, and others that are many thousands of miles away from our main production facilities. We have worked hard to develop an optimal mix of suppliers, and this enables us to respond quickly and nimbly to the ever-changing demands of the market and to ensure the sustainability of Rawlplug as a competitive group of businesses. 

Mutually beneficial collaboration

Establishing successful working relationships with our business partners, suppliers and subcontractors is central to Rawlplug’s success as an international company. By building long-term, stable relationships and working closely with our supplier ecosystem, our partners are better able to understand our needs. This enhanced understanding enables them to not only meet our expectations, but also to proactively help us to improve our products. This, in turn, enables us to provide our clients with products that achieve higher levels of satisfaction and foster increased loyalty to our brands.

What’s more, by placing trust in our partners and committing to the development of long-term relationships, we are not only safeguarding the health of our supply chain; we are also making a positive contribution to the economies that our partners are based in. 

Four stages of collaboration

At Rawlplug, we believe that strong, mutually beneficial collaboration is based around four key stages. These are:

Defining our expectations and the parameters of collaboration

We formally establish what we expect from a selected supplier (e.g. product specifications, volumes) and the parameters for our collaboration (e.g. which areas of our business this will apply to or which geographies). We also look closely at the CSR and environmental credentials of our potential suppliers and these are factored into our decision-making process.

Order realisation and fulfilment

At this stage, we are working together with our selected supplier. At the most basic level, this refers to order submission by Rawlplug and order fulfilment by the supplier.

Selection of suppliers

We undertake a rigorous selection process that considers aspects such as cost, quality, supplier ethos, reputation, heritage, ability to innovate, certifications, working conditions and much more. To ensure appropriate accountability and transparency, decisions are made by carefully selected, qualified individuals and committees within Rawlplug.

Evaluation and development of the partnership

During the evaluation stage, we look closely at how the relationship between Rawlplug and supplier has helped us to improve our performance, the efficiency of our supply chain operations and the impact on overall product quality and customer satisfaction.  We then work closely with suppliers to ensure continued improvement and try to identify opportunities to further add value to each other’s operations.

The importance of ethics

At Rawlplug, choosing and collaborating with suppliers goes far beyond simply cost, technical quality and customer service; we have implemented processes and criteria that help us to select suppliers that care about their people and the communities and natural environments that they inhabit.

We encourage suppliers to adopt and behave in accordance with the Rawlplug Code of Ethics. Naturally, this is made available to suppliers and provides them with an opportunity to learn more about us as a company and the expectations we have of our suppliers – present and future.


Rawlplug is an active contributor to the development of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping Taiwanese (Republic of China) businesses and manufacturers improve their international competitiveness and ability to meet the needs of companies like Rawlplug. Jointly sponsored by the government, industry associations and several commercial organisations, TAITRA has the backing required to ensure that member companies are able to deliver goods and services that not only address an optimal price-quality point, but are also produced in line with demanding environmental and CSR expectations, such as those held by Rawlplug. 


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