Rawlplug is configured with client satisfaction as its primary goal and this is evident in every subsidiary and every business function across our organisation. The feedback we receive from our clients – present, former and potential – serves as one of the most important inputs into the way we run our business and develop our products. We have developed a variety of processes and principles aimed at ensuring that our clients feel satisfied and valued when they work with Rawlplug and Rawlplug products.

Clients and Rawlplug products

We have defined a number of core principles that govern the way we manufacture our products and serve our customers:

Clarity and compliance

We care about the transparency of our product offering and, to this end, we emphasise clear communication with our existing and potential clients. Our aim is to develop a portfolio of products that complies with all applicable environmental, legal, ethical and safety standards so that our clients can make informed, responsible purchasing decisions. Practically speaking, this means including information about origin, materials used and the environmental impact of our products on all packaging and accompanying documentation.

Accessible pricing

We seek to address a range of price points, without compromising on quality or safety. By making our products accessible to as broad a group as possible, we believe that not only do we make our product portfolio more competitive, but we can also contribute to a reduction in poverty and encourage the social inclusion of individuals and groups that might not otherwise be able to access high-quality tools and construction products, and who could be missing out on employment or business opportunities as a result.

Customer- and environmentally friendly packaging

In the interests of ease of purchase and use, and to minimise environmental impact, we have developed a range of new packaging that:

  • Uses one communication standard across all of our products, thereby making them easy to identify and compare. Our new approach is far more pictorial, thus making each package suitable for display on multiple markets without necessarily having to localise label content for each individual market
  • Uses far less finite resources than previous packaging and that of many of our competitors
  • Complements modern technology trends by featuring QR codes that can be scanned to take users directly to installation or assembly instructional videos.

Customer support

We have implemented a number of activities that allow us to properly respond to the needs of our customers.

Product exposition system (POS)

This is an innovative product for the aesthetic exposure of the Rawlplug offer at points of sale, designed with our business partners and customers' expectations in mind. It enables the building of expositions which attract attention and provide as much information as necessary during product selection. It is based on easily configurable racks, fully utilizing the potential of Rawlplug product packaging and the attractive elements of visual identification. The system uses a specially designed colour coding scheme, delivering clear information on the dedicated application of products. It facilitates the configuration of goods, the efficient filling of each exhibition space and, importantly, hassle-free maintenance of the content.


EasyFix calculation programme

The EasyFix application is a professional calculation program for designing fixing systems using solutions from the Rawlplug brand range. It connects an intuitive operation with a wide range of fixing element shape configurations, their arrangement and quantities. EasyFix is trusted by designers and contractors, making it one of the most popular and frequently used calculation applications in the construction industry. We are constantly developing the functionality of the program and introducing new language versions to service the expanding group of people interested in using it in their everyday work. Program website:  www.easyfix.rawlplug.com

Catalogues and price lists

We are constantly improving and updating our offer information materials. The latest edition of our catalogue is distinguished by its comprehensive product information - in terms of features, benefits, and technical data. We also provide expert support by presenting installation instructions and methods of use illustrated by "step by step" graphic guides and photographs of implementation examples. Our publications design is efficient and easy to navigate. We pay particular attention to the transparency of the data, and its availability both on our website and in print in many different languages.

Technical Advisors

We are aware that during their work our customers may need the support of experts in the field of fasteners and tools. With this in mind we offer them the free opportunity to consult our technical advisors. Rawlplug specialists support customers regardless of the scale of their project. Each inquiry is treated individually to work out the most effective solution possible.

Customer service channels

We endeavour to instil a customer-first mentality in all departments of all Rawlplug subsidiaries. We have also taken a variety of measures to ensure that Rawlplug is perceived as an open, approachable business partner.

To support our customers, we operate the following customer service channels:

  • Retail and service branches. Manned by our friendly staff, these branches are able to provide personal support for retail and business customers
  • Technical support. Rawlplug technical consultants are just a phone call away and can provide technical support and information for users of Rawlplug products and services
  • Product webpages. We endeavour to make data sheets, product specifications and guides available for all Rawlplug products. We also operate a client portal through which clients can place orders and track their progress all the way through to their delivery
  • Customer care line. Our customer service experts are on hand to provide information on products and services
  • Sales representatives and account managers. These highly committed individuals are on hand to provide support throughout the client relationship, from the moment first contact is made right through to after-sales support. And support goes beyond the typical sales lifecycle – account managers and sales representatives are empowered to provide tailored solutions in those instances when non-standard support or services are required

Across all of our customer service channels, we ensure that Rawlplug employees benefit from regular, industry-standard training in the field of customer service and sales support. In this way, we can be sure that clients (both retail and business) and distributors receive the very best service possible.

Customer feedback

We regularly engage with our customers to obtain feedback and gauge their level of satisfaction. We use the findings to evaluate and rationalise our product offering and also the structure of our customer support. We also encourage customers to be actively involved in product testing and to communicate their needs and business plans. By doing this, we are able to develop products and services that are aligned with present and future market trends. And by listening to our clients and demonstrating that their opinions count, we are able to build trusted, mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

Complaints management

We welcome customer complaints. We believe that each complaint represents an investment in the ongoing improvement of the service we provide to our clients. As such, we welcome constructive criticism and are committed to handling complaints positively, respectfully and in line with industry best practices.

At Rawlplug, the complaint management process is formalised internally to provide complete transparency and to ensure that all feedback received is recorded, tracked and then, if possible, used to improve the service we provide. Our clients are the people that we want to hear from most and, thanks to their complaints, comments and suggestions, we have been able to implement many improvements across our business.

Electronic solutions

We are continuously innovating to enhance the customer service experience. Among the solutions that we have implemented are:

Declaration of performance (DoP)

Access to the technical documentation for our products is provided to customers through a dedicated web platform dop.rawlplug.com. Through it, everyone can download the related Declaration of Performance whenever a building product which is covered by a European harmonised standard or European Technical Assessment (ETA) is launched on to the market and made available.


e-Invoicing enables Rawlplug and its suppliers to issue invoices more quickly and without the need to print and send traditional invoices. The benefits include: increased convenience; reduced delivery time, which enables faster payments; environmental friendliness due to elimination of need to print (and so reduced paper, cartridge and toner use and less waste to dispose of); and better traceability of correspondence thanks to the ability to store all documents online. 

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI is the electronic transfer of business data from one computer to another using internationally recognised standards and formats. The benefits of this technology include: reduced costs; rapid creation, transfer and archiving of data related to orders; clear organisation and flow of information; improved integration between client-supplier systems; smoother logistical operations and enablement of features such as just-in-time delivery; and improved customer service thanks to faster order processing and realisation.


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