Warehouse Staff visit Rawlplug Middle East FZE

Warehouse Staff visit Rawlplug Middle East FZE


Rawlplug Middle East FZE recently played host to logistics and warehouse representatives from Rawlplug Headquarters. The visit to Jebel Ali Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates took place at the end of May 2015 and was arranged to take stock of the warehouse and its current organisation, and to lay the groundwork for a new warehouse management system.

The purpose of the visit

The market for Rawlplug in the Middle East is constantly developing and sales are expanding. As such there is an ongoing need to study and refine the efficiency of the supply chain. The continuing integration of Rawlplug Middle East FZE into the overall logistic strategy provides invaluable information for Rawlplug’s logistics team and all of Rawlplug’s international traders.

Findings of the visit

During stocktaking over 300 rack and 20 bulk locations were counted. A number of region-specific issues were highlighted (frequent single product bulk orders, the need to issue samples to customers, high temperature and humidity), however the combined efforts of the multinational employees successfully achieved the objectives of the inventory with time to spare.

With international trading companies across the globe, Rawlplug is proud of the consistency of effort and the way in which all our international colleagues work together to achieve our sustainability goals.

Supply chain efficiency

Supply chain efficiency is vital to successful sustainability and to creating stockholder value. The implementation of a new warehouse management system will further develop international consistency, taking into account the different regional challenges which Rawlplug faces across the world.

The success of the visit to Rawlplug Middle East provided a strong foundation to build on. The new system is planned for the near future and updates on its progress and success will be forthcoming.


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