Rawlplug implements Warehouse Management System (WMS) at Glasgow distribution centre.

Rawlplug implements Warehouse Management System (WMS) at Glasgow distribution centre.

At the start of December 2014, Rawlplug successfully completed the implementation of a Warehouse Management System at its distribution centre in Glasgow, Scotland.

What is Warehouse Management at Rawlplug?

Rawlplug’s selected Quantum’s WMS Qguar software to address its Warehouse Management needs in Glasgow. Warehouse Management supports the implementation of – and adherence to – all core warehouse processes. The system will deliver improved efficiency of work, standardisation and optimisation of processes, monitoring and evaluation of performance and, ultimately, significantly improving the quality of service provided to customers. 

How does Warehouse Management at Rawlplug work?

Rawlplug’s implementation of a Warehouse Management System has a positive impact on a wide variety of logistics and supply chain processes, including order realisation and shipment of orders to clients.

Using the new system, warehouse operators use mobile radio devices that display relevant information and communicate with a central system. Through this device, operators know where to go, what products to pack, quantity of product and other information required to complete an order.

Operators use the terminals to scan the barcodes of products, thereby ensuring the serial shipping container code (SSCC) is captured and the correctness of the order can be verified. The system also makes use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions and Advance Ship Notice (ASN) technology to provide high levels of automation and to reduce the risk of human error.

What are the benefits of implementing a Warehouse Management System?

Among the many benefits of Rawlplug’s Warehouse Management system are:

- Faster performance of core tasks, thanks to greater automation and standardisation of services.

- Lower potential for human error thanks to automation of processes and technology support to end users.

- Improved worker productivity, thanks to consistent and regular provision of accurate data to operators.

-  Better control over stock levels and understanding of time taken to perform core tasks.

- Less dependence on printing and paper documents, thanks to increased use of electronic devices and interfaces, which can display information in real-time and change to reflect latest developments.

What’s next for Warehouse Management at Rawlplug?

The Warehouse Management System selected by Rawlplug and implemented in Glasgow is a standard industry solution that has been customised for use at Rawlplug’s Glasgow facilities. As part of Rawlplug’s global strategy for 2013 to 2018 to optimise its logistics operations and ensure high levels of consolidation and standardisation, the same Warehouse Management System will soon be deployed at Rawlplug logistics facilities around the world.

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