Rawlplug enhances customer service with contact centre approach

Rawlplug enhances customer service with contact centre approach

Seeking to build closer relationships with clients and prospects, Rawlplug has implemented a new approach to customer service using the principles of a typical call or customer contact centre.

The project originally started in July 2014 and the pilot began in October 2014. The result has been the integration of a new approach to customer service with existing sales channels to ensure a seamless customer service and sales experience that begins with pre-sale activities and extends all the way through to purchase and after-sales support.

Why did Rawlplug implement a contact centre approach?

The main driver behind the decision to adopt a contact centre approach was to support Rawlplug sales professionals and provide customers and prospects with the opportunity to benefit from the support and advice of technical experts, at their convenience.

In addition, as part of Rawlplug’s commitment to sustainability, we are seeking to reduce our carbon emissions wherever possible, including through corporate travel. By providing technical support and sales advisory, remotely over the phone, Rawlplug is able to share provide guidance and offer support at a time that is convenient to clients and users. What’s more, technical experts and Rawlplug sales professionals no longer need to be dependent on road travel and sales and customer services can be provided more frequently and flexibly (i.e. without having to arrange visits every time), and in a way that enables them to obtain exactly the right information from their local support network (colleagues, product managers, etc.) before proposing technical solutions. During each call, the schedule for future calls is also agreed, meaning that relationships can be nurtured and monitored on an ongoing basis.

How does Rawlplug’s contact centre work?

Regular Rawlplug clients are now assigned a dedicated sales assistant. This sales assistant has received comprehensive training on Rawlplug products and is intimately familiar with the needs and ordering habits of his or her designated clients. The sales operator calls the client at pre-agreed times and intervals to ascertain requirements. Based on this, the sales operator is able to generate an order for confirmation by the client, or can send the client additional details about products that have been discussed during the course of the call.

One of the main benefits is that the Rawlplug designated sales operator is able to access technical support from relevant experts located nearby. In this way, clients are able to benefit from sales advisory that is backed by technical expertise. In those instances when the sales operator is unable to provide the right level of guidance or technical support, he or she is able to arrange to transfer the call or set up a separate call between the client and a dedicated Rawlplug technical expert. When phone contact proves insufficient, Rawlplug happily arranges for senior sales professionals or technical experts to visit the client at their location. This approach increases the efficiency of the sales operation, makes better use of the client’s time and should lead to increased levels of satisfaction.

While the call or contact centre approach is currently only offered to Polish clients, Rawlplug will be evaluating the success and effectiveness of this initiative with a view to rolling it out in other countries in the future.

What are the benefits of Rawlplug’s contact centre approach?

The contact centre approach implemented by Rawlplug has delivered many benefits, among them:

- Greater consistency in the quality of customer service, thanks to standardised processes.

- A significant step forward in presenting Rawlplug as a proactive, innovative partner in the building and construction industries.

- Greater familiarity and intimacy with Rawlplug clients, thanks to increased frequency of contact.

- Potential to forge new relationships, thanks to a quick and convenient channel for contact.

- Greater potential to improve and standardise customer support and sales processes.

The leader’s view

 “Rawlplug constantly strives to build better relationships with our customers and partners. Our new contact centre approach provides a convenient way to get in touch, seek professional advice and place orders. It also creates yet another channel through which we can achieve our broader goal of promoting best practices in the industry. The professional support provided our contact centre approach enables Rawlplug to strengthen its position as an innovative, proactive brand. During the pilot of our contact centre approach, we listened carefully to the feedback provided by our customers. We will continue to do so in the future and we are committed to continually improving the service provided to our customers, across all channels. What’s more, this evolution in our customer service and sales model has been designed in harmony with our desire to reduce environmental impact. We’re spending less time on the road, but more time in contact and providing better service. Everybody wins.”

Agnieszka Wojna, Manager of Customer Services.

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