Rawlplug sets up Rawlplug International, strengthens commitment to Sustainability

Rawlplug sets up Rawlplug International, strengthens commitment to Sustainability

Rawlplug has launched a new venture – Rawlplug International. The new entity will be responsible for promoting Rawlplug products globally, and will help to strengthen the company’s sustainability message and credentials.

What does Rawlplug International mean for Sustainability at Rawlplug?

To support the announcement of this news, articles were published in renowned industry publications such as Construction Global and Business Review – to name but two.

The inception of Rawlplug International and the promotion of this new entity will provide an opportunity to strengthen Rawlplug’s sustainability message across a variety of new channels, markets and stakeholder groups.

The leaders’ view on Sustainability at Rawlplug

The topic of sustainability features prominently in the recently published editorial pieces.

The new Managing Director or Rawlplug International, Mattias Andersson, cites sustainability as a key topic for the company and makes clear his determination to make Rawlplug sustainable, both in the economic and environmental sense. He is also sure to make clear that minimising Rawlplug’s environmental impact is a priority moving forward and acknowledges the sustainable.rawlplug.com website as being an important platform for this purpose.

“This is another area of the business which has been built up and now has its own dedicated website,”

He also cites other initiatives, such Rawlplug’s innovations in the area of packaging and the attempts made to measure the environmental impact of production and supply-chain operations and employee commuter habits as being important to the fulfilment of Rawlplug’s objectives in the area of sustainability.

Andersson is also keen to emphasise the link between what is happening at local levels and what is happening at the Rawlplug International level, and the importance of sustainability to Rawlplug’s different stakeholders.

“For us this (the inception of Rawlplug International) will help the world to recognise that we are a responsible company, that we are taking social responsibility in local markets, and that we force ourselves to be even more efficient in our own supply chain. From our banking partners through to our customers we are concentrating on sustainability and they start to recognise our responsibility in getting emissions etc. in the right directions … The environment is a hot topic within the politics of the European Union and social responsibility of business is taken extremely seriously, and something which will help us to create a better future.”

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