Northern Europe managers’ meeting

Northern Europe managers’ meeting

Representatives from the headquarters of Rawlplug companies in the NE region (Northern Europe) - Great Britain, France and Ireland – as well as people representing the Koelner Fasteners Factory in Łańcut recently came together for a two day internal workshop meeting. Their aim was to discuss the current situation of foreign markets and to identify directions for further development by Rawlplug.

Regular meetings for Rawlplug’s management are extremely important because of the international nature of the Group – they allow us to get to know and understand the characteristics of various world markets and to match them with action. The plan of the last meeting, which took place in Łańcut, involved the development of optimal solutions to improve sales and product communications between companies in the NE region and the central office in Wroclaw. An important goal of the session was to confront previously identified problems and to find the best solutions.

Summaries and knowledge sharing

The first day of the meeting was devoted to sharing knowledge about current sales activities and the companies’ plans for 2016. Representatives from different countries had the opportunity to present a summary of tasks which have been realized in recent months. They also discussed current investment and development plans.

An important point in the schedule of the first day was a presentation given by Radosław Koelner, CEO of Rawlplug which summarized the first half of 2015. Its main focus was Rawlplug’s development strategy for the years 2013-2018 and Rawlplug’s pillars of sustainable development - management, social responsibility, environment and the supply chain.

Workshops and exchange of experiences

The workshop section of the meeting was an opportunity for an open exchange of suggestions and opinions. Workshop sessions organized on the second day were divided into three themed rooms, where representatives of individual companies in the NE region could consult and discuss plans for 2016. Talks covered the following topics:

  • the current product range and prices,
  • new products, services and marketing plans,
  • human resources management (HR) and the area of ​​social and environmental responsibility.

Solutions reached

The meeting in Lancut allowed management representatives to extract and discuss the most important aspects of sales and product communication. The experience of the management team and our sales representatives’ excellent knowledge of local markets helped visiting management from across northern Europe to develop solutions for improving both their work and the flow of information between Rawlplug companies in the NE region.


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