Declaration of Performance now easier to obtain for Rawlplug products

Declaration of Performance now easier to obtain for Rawlplug products

Rawlplug is proud to announce an update of its application for the instant generation of Declarations of Performance (DoP) for Rawlplug products.

The update of the application means that Declarations of Performance can be instantly generated for any one of hundreds of Rawlplug products – all with just a couple of clicks. The tool is available at and is available for use in 25 languages.

What is a Declaration of Performance (DoP)?

A Declaration of Performance is a document that is required for the release onto the market of any new product covered by a harmonised European Standard (hEN) or a European Technical Assessment (ETA).

Declarations of Performance contain the following information:

  • The number of the Declaration of Performance;
  • A unique code for the product;
  • Intended use of the product, in accordance with the relevant harmonised technical specification (hEN or EAD);
  • Details of the producer;
  • Systems of assessment and verification of constancy of performance;
  • Reference number and date on which hEN or ETA was issued;
  • Information about the participation of the notified body;
  • Declaration of the product’s properties.

How can I obtain a Rawlplug Declaration of Performance?

Declarations of Performance for Rawlplug products can be generated in any one of 25 languages. The process is simple:

- Visit

- Choose your language (the default language is English)

- Enter the Product Code (this can be found on the product invoice)

- Enter the date of purchase (This can be found on the invoice. This field is recommended, but not obligatory)

- Click ‘Submit’

You will then be able to download your Declaration of Performance and will also be provided with a link to the Declaration that is active for a period of ten years from the moment it is generated.

Start generating your Declarations of Performance today

To generate your Rawlplug Declaration of Performance, visit Rawlplug DoP.


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