About business in Poland and Rawlplug’s development

About business in Poland and Rawlplug’s development

Radosław Koelner, CEO of Rawlplug, was a speaker at the LSE SU Polish Economic Forum.

The Polish Economic Forum (PEF) is the largest event regarding the Polish economy which takes place outside Poland. The forum is organised by the LSE SU Polish Business Society - an association of Polish students studying at the London School of Economics (LSE). Each edition of the forum brings together experts in politics, economics and business with ambitious, open-minded students and professionals from around the world. It represents an excellent opportunity to develop the debate on major current economic issues in Poland. This year's forum was honoured by twelve speakers. Radosław Koelner, CEO of Rawlplug, accepted an invitation to join this prestigious group.

Global business, Made in Poland

The theme of the event was how to exploit the potential of Polish enterprises in the current turbulent climate. ‘During a panel about global businesses which have their roots in Poland, I had the opportunity to participate in an interesting conversation with representatives of companies from different industries,’ says Radosław Koelner, CEO of Rawlplug. ‘From the information and acknowledgments that flowed back to me after the forum I know already that the exchange of our experiences and points of view were met with great interest by the audience.’ During the "Global business, Made in Poland" discussion, the speakers presented the Polish branch of the business which – from an international perspective – is growing. Speakers unanimously agreed that the Polish companies discussed are important players in many global industries, a fact of which we can be proud.

Rawlplug’s contribution to the global economy

For years we have engaged in the activities of professional organisations around the world and participated in important conferences and seminars. More information about our activities in this area can be found on the Customer Support site.


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