What is recycling?

What is recycling?

In September and October we conducted a series of ecological workshops for youngsters in the context of employee volunteering.

How should we segregate waste? What happens to it after being thrown into the trash? What does recycling mean for the environment? During our meetings with children in Wroclaw kindergartens and nurseries we have tried to answer these and other questions relating to the proper handling of waste. We also wanted to introduce them to the ideas behind the Clean Up the World campaign and encourage them to celebrate Arbor Day, which took place this fall. Lectures and art classes prepared by our environmental protection specialists were designed to make the subject accessible to even the youngest children, highlighting the fact that sorting garbage is not just a task for adults and that taking care of the environment is something everyone should be doing regardless of age. Over the course of two months our workshops were attended by a total of 179 children.

“During this year's educational campaign for preschoolers we focused on art, creating small works of art from recycled materials,” says Malwina Rudnicka, Rawlplug EHS Specialist in Wroclaw. “We used waste paper and recycled foil to make a collage of animals we might encounter on a walk in the woods.”

We know that educating children about environmental protection as early as possible leads to a greater sense of responsibility towards the environment in adulthood. We want new generations to grow up with a keen awareness of their impact on nature and their surroundings, which is why concern for the environment is one of the pillars of Rawlplug sustainable development.

To learn more about our environmental activities visit the Environment section of our website.


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