Rawlplug shares fleet management best practices at 3TM

Rawlplug shares fleet management best practices at 3TM

On September 26th, at the Ergo Arena in Gdańsk, Rawlplug shared its experiences and best practices of fleet management to a private audience at the sixth annual 3TM exhibition as part of the ‘Day for fleet managers and enterprises’.

3TM – a perfect platform for company’s to learn about fleet management

The 2014 edition of 3TM – one of Poland’s leading automotive events – was the first that sought to cater to both retail (individual) clients and businesses. With this second audience in mind, an exclusive programme of events was devised to cater to companies and entrepreneurs with an interest in the car industry and fleet management. As part of this programme, exhibitors’ clients, company owners, fleet managers, journalists and representatives from local authorities were invited to share best practices and learn from the experiences of companies with extensive experience of sourcing and managing corporate car fleets.

As a market-leading company and one present on both the Polish and international markets, Rawlplug was invited to share its experiences and best practices. Maciej Nowak, Rawlplug’s Fleet Manager, used the opportunity to talk about Rawlplug’s approach to managing an international fleet numbering in about of 400 cars, of which 200 are located in Poland.

Environmental awareness as key consideration in fleet management

In addition to quality and total cost of ownership (TCO), environmental awareness is an important factor in the procurement of any new vehicle at Rawlplug. Today, almost three-quarters (73%) of the cars owned and operated by Rawlplug emit 109g of CO2 per kilometre or less, which puts them in some of the lowest bands for commonly available vehicles. This is cost effective for the company and is evidence of our ongoing commitment to reducing the adverse environmental impact of our operations.

Rawlplug attended 3TM as part of our CSR-inspired ambition to share good environmentally conscious practices with small, medium and large companies from a variety of industries and sectors. This deep-rooted desire to share environmentally friendly best practices is also aligned with industry-recognised benchmarks, such as ISO 26000 certification and AA1000 standards, both of which encourage the sharing of experiences and practices aimed at helping companies achieve their sustainability targets.

Rawlplug shares company car strategy with fellow fleet managers

Given the size of Rawlplug’s fleet and the strength of the Rawlplug brand, we were encouraged to share our extensive experience with those companies taking their first steps into the world of fleet management and experienced companies looking to build sustainability into their fleet-management principles. As part of our presentation, we focused on the CO2 emissions of our vehicles, fuel economy, engine power, and the types of finance plans most commonly used when procuring and paying for new vehicles. Maciej was also on hand to answer questions and explain Rawlplug’s approach to fleet management in more detail to those companies wishing to learn more about environmentally friendly management of company car fleets.

“It gives Rawlplug great pride to be invited to present at a prestigious industry event like 3TM. As an important member of the business community – both in Poland and internationally – we take our responsibility to the environment and rest of the business community seriously. By sharing our fleet-management experiences, we’re able to promote sustainable business practices beyond the confines of our own company. And, by learning from other companies, we’re able to improve the efficiency and sustainability of our own operations.”

Maciej Nowak, Fleet Manager, Rawlplug

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