Rawlplug hires coach for local school, helps children learn more about environment

Rawlplug hires coach for local school, helps children learn more about environment

On 30 October 2014, Rawlplug hired a coach to take 49 children to the picturesque town of Oborniki Śląskie as part of an initiative aimed at developing a multi-sensory appreciation of the environment.

An environmental education for children

The 49 child participants on the trip came from the second and fourth classes from Wrocław’s Józef Piłsudskiego Elementary School nr. 8. Arranged and paid for by Rawlplug, a coach picked the children up from school and took them on their trip to Oborniki Śląskie. While there, the children visited the forest and a discovery session with a forester was organised just for them.

What was the aim of the trip?

The trip had several aims, notably:

- Encouraging the development of an emotional bond between the children and the natural environment.

- Foster an appreciation of natural beauty and the richness of the local environment (Oborniki Śląskie is just 15 miles from Wrocław).

- Teach the children about their responsibility towards the natural environment, namely animals and wildlife.

- Recognition and understanding of the detrimental effect humans have on the natural environment, namely pollution and littering.

What did the children think?

It was clear to the organisers that the trip had a profound impact on the children. Many were asked for their thoughts afterwards and here’s what some of them said:

“Thanks to trees, we have clean air”

“Forestry work is great.”

“I had no idea that the forest could be so interesting.“

“Trees give us clean air.”

“Foresters look after nature, the trees and the animals”

“I now know that bonfires are only allowed in special areas”

“I learned about species of trees that I never knew about”

How Rawlplug works with local schools

Rawlplug is committed to supporting local schools and supporting extra-curricula activities for children. Find out about some of the other initiatives for Children that Rawlplug has sponsored.


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