In the third weekend of September there is an international campaign "Clean Up the World" !

In the third weekend of September there is an international campaign "Clean Up the World" !

The annual campaign goal is to increase environmental awareness in society. The event concerning the cleaning of the world was begun in Australia -  the first event was in Sydney in 1989.

In Poland, the event has taken place periodically, every year since 1994. In the third weekend of September, in Poland and around the world waste collection from forests, parks and squares is organized. For everyone who are not indifferent to the fate and appearance of our environment can take a bag, gloves and clean up their neighborhood.

"Clean up the World", in addition to the direct removal of waste from the our environment, aims to draw attention to how important proper waste management is. Extremely important is to increase public awareness about waste segregation and the safe storage of waste. Very important is to reduce garbage quantity and giving other people things that we no longer need.

At Rawlplug, we understand the importance of effective, responsible waste management

Our policies on selective waste collection are only as effective as the education that accompanies them. At Rawlplug, employees are key to our efforts in managing waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

To support our people in their efforts, we run employee educational programmes and, to ensure their effectiveness, such programmes are typically followed up by audits to monitor progress and performance.  These educational programmes empower employees to deal with waste safely and responsibly. Over 725 employees have benefitted from these programmes and we have planned additional training.

We also have a team of internal specialists dedicated to identifying and classifying the different types of waste being produced, and determining how best to process them.

As a company renowned for its heritage of innovation, Rawlplug is devoted to continually researching and developing ways to reduce our impact on the natural environment. We focus on a variety of areas including processes, people, education and collaboration.

To support Primary School No. 8 in Wroclaw, we have provided materials needed for cleaning up the world.

Children from Primary School No. 8 in Wroclaw clean up the school grounds and the surrounding area. We have decided to support them in this initiative by giving them gloves, buckets and garbage bags. Caring about safety and visibility of children on the road, Rawlplug has donated children reflective bands that make them visible to cars.

We strongly encourage our employees and everyone, not to be indifferent to the fate of our planet and to be active and help clean up the world.


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