In 2015 Rawlplug saved 5306 trees

In 2015 Rawlplug saved 5306 trees

Arbor Day (also known as International Tree Day) is a unique opportunity for us to highlight how our advances in packaging reflect our concern for the environment, which is one of Rawlplug's four pillars of sustainable development.

The occasion is celebrated across the world and is a chance to promote activities which benefit the world's forests which are, after all, the lungs of the planet. So throughout the year, but particularly on October 10th, we encourage you to do something special to support the cause: plant a tree, enjoy and promote local woodlands, help to protect neglected specimens, and educate people (especially children) about the vital role these amazing organisms play in our lives.

Rawlplug's going green

Due to the exchange, standardisation, and optimisation of our packaging, Rawlplug is consuming less and less cardboard. In 2015 we reduced consumption by more than 312 tonnes compared to the previous year. This allowed us to save 5306 trees from being cut down. We are gradually moving towards a paperless working environment: we print only what is necessary and use a duplex option when we do so; we have implemented the electronic circulation of invoices; and through the company's portal we can now submit holiday requests, complete competence assessments, organise meetings and appointments, and assign, manage and complete assignments. These solutions not only reduce paper consumption, they also facilitate universal access to documents. 

Educating from kindergarten

We strongly believe in the benefits of teaching environmental protection to even the youngest minds. To educate children on the important role trees play in the planet's ecosystem we conduct environmental workshops in many kindergartens and pre-schools. Our September workshop alone was attended by 87 children (a summary of the workshop activities will be available soon). For more information on our environmental activities, please visit the Environment section of our website.


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