How Rawlplug pursued environmental goals in 2015

How Rawlplug pursued environmental goals in 2015

In the last twelve months we have taken a number of initiatives to limit the impact of our activities on the ecosystem. Concern for the environment occupies an important place in Rawlplug’s sustainability strategy, which is why we try to promote positive ecological attitudes within the organization and beyond.

Two collections of electronic waste

In June and November at Rawlplug’s head office in Wroclaw we organized the collection of electronic waste. Thanks to the commitment of our employees 272kg of electrical and electronic equipment was gathered for safe removal.

We are fully aware that responsible and efficient management of waste is important in both businesses and in households. The collections allowed our employees to clear out old and obsolete devices which had been sitting in cellars and attics, and dispose of them quickly and in an environmentally friendly way. During the first collection, “Throw out your electronic trash”, we collected 200kg of junk. The second collection, “Waste electrical equipment wanted”, added a further 72kg of environmental waste savings to the total. Throughout the year at our head office we have also been collecting discharged batteries and rechargeable batteries.

Clothes in motion

In the summer we joined the charity campaign “Clothes in motion”, which collects donations of clothing. In the six months since then we have collected almost 200kg of textiles.

Any clothing from the collection which is still suitable to wear goes to needy countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Textiles and fabrics which are no longer fit for purpose are processed for use in industrial cleaning, as alternative fuels, or as products for use in the automotive industry.

It is also worth noting that money from each kilogram of textiles collected is deposited directly into the account of the Wroclaw based Rescue Children with Cancer Foundation.

Helping to clean up the world

In September Rawlplug took part in the “Cleaning up the World” action, supporting students and teachers from Primary School No. 8 in Wroclaw by organizing the necessary equipment to help them clean and tidy their surroundings. We sponsored provision of all the tools needed for cleaning, such as buckets, garbage bags and protective gloves.

We also took care of the safety and visibility of children during the clean-up operation by providing them with high visibility reflective armbands which enable drivers to quickly and easily spot pedestrians on the road.

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