Everyday Ecology with Rawlplug at Wrocław primary school

Everyday Ecology with Rawlplug at Wrocław primary school

Adults today have a responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of the planet for their children. Today’s children, in turn, will be expected to look after the planet for their children and generations to follow. As part of Rawlplug’s commitment to caring for the natural environment we inhabit, we are promoting the ‘Ekologia na co dzień’ (Everyday Ecology) initiative at schools located in the communities close to Rawlplug offices and production facilities. The venue for the latest edition of this initiative was primary school no. 8 in Wrocław, Poland.

What is Everyday Ecology?

Held in June 2014, the Everyday Ecology initiative took the form of specially organised classes that aimed to:

  • Provide pupils with the opportunity to showcase their artistic talent
  • Awaken and develop awareness of the topic of environmental responsibility
  • Showcase the role of Rawlplug as an environmentally responsible member of the community.

Children of all ages were invited to take part, and then submit artwork based on their interpretations of the key themes and messages communicated. Two winners were selected and their works can be seen in the picture above. It is clear that participants – even at this young – have a sound understanding of the importance of environmental responsibility. Each winner received educational toys, the purchase of which was funded by Rawlplug as part of our sponsorship of the initiative.

The importance of environmental awareness in the community

“We as a company take our environmental obligations very seriously and we work hard ever day to improve Rawlplug’s relationship with the natural environment. But we also know that we can do as much – if not more – good by promoting environmental awareness among youngsters. By planting the seeds of consciousness at this young age, we can be confident that future generations will be better prepared to take care of our planet.”

Krystyna Koelner, Chair of the Supervisory Board, Rawlplug.


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