Electronic waste collection as part of World Earth Day

Electronic waste collection as part of World Earth Day

World Earth Day originated in the US, where it was established in 1970 by the mayor of San Francisco, Joseph Alioto. After 39 years, the UN General Assembly declared April 22 as International Mother Earth Day. Its first celebration took place in 2010. Since then, every year in the spring, individuals and organisations across the world carry out actions aimed at promoting environmental attitudes in society and raising awareness of the importance of common concern on our planet.

Rawlplug in the colours of the Earth

We are constantly striving to minimize our impact on the environment and we educate our employees about the importance of environmental protection through training courses and thematic actions and events. For World Earth Day 2016 we organised the third annual collection of electronic waste at the company's headquarters in Wroclaw (Poland). Being aware of how dangerous electronic waste is to the environment, we want to promote proper behaviour for its segregation and regular removal from our surroundings.

The benefits of collecting electronic waste

In previous years we collected a total of 272kg of electronic waste, which consisted of used computer and music equipment, appliances, old telephones, and TVs. This year, we will again help employees to get rid of electronic waste from their basements and attics. We realize that these items can be harmful to us, so should not be stored for a long time. By organising the collection we can contribute to the environmental cleanup of electronic waste. In addition, we encourage you to care about the planet every day - together we can do more for it.

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