Eco-workshops for nursery schools in Wrocław

Eco-workshops for nursery schools in Wrocław

The environment plays a crucial role in Rawlplug’s vision of sustainability, and our company’s  efforts to safeguard the environment extend into the wider community. We feel that the best way to promote environmentally friendly attitudes is to work with children from an early age, so Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) specialists from Rawlplug recently organized themed activities at two nursery schools in Wrocław.

The November workshops for nursery schools took place in Wrocław at Nursery No.14 on Kwidzyńska Street and No.115 on Strachocińska Street. The workshops were a huge success and were attended by 130 children. “During the classes the children had the opportunity to learn exactly what the responsibilities of an environmental protection specialist are within a large manufacturing company,” says Maliwina Rudnicka, EHS Specialist at Rawlplug. “We explained how we protect the environment from pollution and talked about environmentally friendly practices in everyday life. The children were eager to discuss their own experiences and described to us how they separate waste at home.”

A quiz, a labyrinth and lots of fun
Activities for pre-schoolers began with short talks about ways we can protect the environment every day. After discussing ideas for actions we can all take, we invited children to take part in a competition to test their knowledge of waste sorting. The kids played in four teams, each of which had a disposal bin - for clear glass, coloured glass, paper and plastic. Participants were asked to classify the various types of waste and place them into the correct containers. The winner was the team which took the most care to successfully complete the task. Another highlight was a specially designed labyrinth through which each child had to independently find a way in order to dispose of waste. The idea was that encountering blind alleys and other hindrances to proper waste disposal could culminate in communities which are scattered with trash. At the end of their battle with the maze all of the children received a personal "Waste Sorting Master Diploma". Pre-schoolers were also awarded special reflective bands, to increase their visibility to vehicles when outside the nursery.

Knowledge that will pay off
Classes for pre-schoolers create an awareness of the need to constantly care for the environment. The games we organized tried to teach them the correct way to separate different types of waste. We also emphasized the importance of teamwork. “All the children carried out their tasks with great commitment and enthusiasm. We are sure they learned and will remember that the fate of the planet depends on each of us,” says Aleksandra Ciesielska, EHS Specialist at Rawlplug. “We know that early education is important for the environment, which is why we want to take further actions shaping environmental attitudes in the future.”


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