Eco changes to the Rawlplug car fleet

Eco changes to the Rawlplug car fleet

In 2016 and 2017 we will introduce a total of 120 hybrid cars to our fleet.

Looking after the environment – one of the most important aspects of Rawlplug’s sustainable development – manifests itself in many areas of our business. We constantly implement solutions which allow us to reduce carbon emissions and we are increasingly placing a special emphasis on Rawlplug’s fleet policy. Careful analysis of this area allows us to control it and reduce our impact on the ecosystem. In 2016, we will begin to replace our company cars in Poland, which will further reduce Rawlplug’s carbon footprint. ‘While hybrid engines have been available in the automotive market for several years, adding them to a fleet of company cars is not a popular idea in our country,’ says Maciej Nowak, Rawlplug Fleet Manager. ‘However, favourable results in our negotiations with the dealer, a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, and a projected 7% reduction in fuel costs convinced us to implement this solution in the Polish sales force’s fleet.’ Diesel vehicles – which are currently used by our sales representatives – will be replaced gradually until February 2017.

A CO2 reduction of 165 tons

The hybrid cars which we will be introducing to the fleet have been designed in accordance with European standard EURO 6, so they have a carbon emissions  level of 79 g / km. Compared to the previously used cars equipped with diesel engines, this is nearly 30% less for each kilometre travelled by traders. Given the fact that each of them travels over 50 000 km throughout the year (which is more than the length of the equator), we fully expect the resulting data from this change to be favourable. Thanks to this change of cars our fleet will emit approximately 75 tons less CO2 in 2016, and after the exchange of all 120 cars is complete in February 2017 we will reduce emissions by up to 165 tons.

Economic Eco-drivers

The introduction of hybrid cars will enable us to reduce the production of carbon dioxide and improve the working experience of our sales representatives. The new cars are equipped with automatic transmission, so they are easy and intuitive in operation, which affects ride comfort. We also intend to carry out Eco-driving training for employees, which will instruct them in ways to drive more economically.

More information about Rawlplug’s environmental activities can be found on the Environment page.


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