Completion of the environment training cycle for Rawlplug employees

Completion of the environment training cycle for Rawlplug employees

Consistently developing competencies and broadening the knowledge of our employees allows us to build and maintain an efficient team of professionals. We believe that by creating conditions which are conducive to the acquisition of new professional skills we motivate our people to take on new challenges. It also has an impact on the satisfaction gained by completing tasks, which is an important incentive for self-improvement.

In fulfilling our obligations to employees, in 2016 Rawlplug Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) specialists conducted 49 training sessions on environmental protection in Wroclaw alone; these were attended by a total of 437 employees. Additionally, in our production plant in Lancut 22 employees became acquainted with the rules of conduct in the transport of dangerous goods.

A common, sustainable future

The theme of the sessions in Wroclaw was the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 and familiarisation with Rawlplug’s sustainable development activities. There were also tips on how to segregate and deal with waste in our manufacturing plants. In addition, employees were made aware of both the environmental consequences and the legal ramifications which could result in the event of failure. Each course ended with a discussion aimed at exchanging experience in environmental protection, examining procedures for waste handling, and the possibility of improving processes in individual departments.

A training session entitled "Loading, transportation and unloading of dangerous goods by road (ADR)" conducted in Lancut was led by our internal team of specialists – an ADR consultant and an EHS specialist. Thanks to this a further 22 employees improved their knowledge of the handling of dangerous goods.

Taking care of professional development

Concern for the improvement of competence in line with the expectations of employees allows us to create a working atmosphere where the team appreciates its job and team members are eager to share their knowledge. You can read more about creating a friendly workplace in the Professional Development section of our website.


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