5th of June - World Environment Day

5th of June - World Environment Day

World Environment Day was established by the UN Assembly in 1972 at the Stockholm Conference. Rawlplug is, and is dedicated to remain, a responsible organization. Improving our relationship with the environment is central to the vision of Sustainable Rawlplug. Throughout the year, we make every effort to minimize the impact of our  activities on the environment. On this special day we would like to encourage everyone to good practice aimed at caring for the environment every day.

Rawlplug in numbers - caring for the environment

In 2014, we completed the redesigning of our packaging according to environmentally friendly design principles.

By building a coherent system of packaging, where different packages are compatible with the same packaging operations has enabled us to reduce  the amount of packaging waste being generated and increased transport efficiency through the maximum use of transportation space. Thus, it consumes less fuel. This allowed us to reduce CO2 emissions in 2014 by about 5.52 tons compared to 2013.

The new packaging has been designed with attention to the environment, of high-quality cardboard, which is fully recyclable. The packaging consists of environmentally friendly materials, made of cardboard containing 98% cellulose. We use sustainable ozone friendly water-based flexographic inks for the printed elements that appear on our packaging.

Through the exchange, unification and optimization of packaging we use less cardboard! In 2014 we reduced its consumption by as much as over 128 tons compared to 2013. This equates to savings 2,178 trees from unnecessary destruction which in turn equates to a breathable oxygen supply for up to 17,424 people.

Due to the investment in launching a whole new system of label printing based on our eco-friendly principles we have increased efficiency and reduced the number of labels printed. 90% of the raw material is paper. This allowed us to reduce CO2 emissions in 2014 by about 5.2 tons compared to 2013.

Rawlplug activates its employees to engage in environmental issues

As part of the implemented suggestion system for our employees we promote ideas in the area of ​​environmental protection. On the occasion of World Environment Day two of the best ideas submitted in June, in the area of ​​environmental protection, will be awarded prizes.

Quiz of knowledge about ecology

On the occasion of World Environment Day, we have prepared for you a quiz regarding knowledge of ecology.
Test your knowledge on this subject.


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