World Health Day at the Head Office of Rawlplug in Wroclaw

World Health Day at the Head Office of Rawlplug in Wroclaw

In the first week of April, at Rawlplug’s Head Office in Wroclaw (Poland), we joined in the celebration of World Health Day, organized by the World Health Organization (WHO). This year's edition was to draw attention to the problem of diabetes. The data presented by the WHO forecasts that according to the current upward trend, the number of people struggling with this disease will double in the next 20 years - especially cases of Type II diabetes. WHO points out at the same time that most of these illnesses can be avoided by following a proper diet, engaging in physical activity, and avoiding cigarettes.

Examinations and prevention consultations

Taking note of the WHO recommendations, we proposed to our employees the possibility of free testing of sugar levels in their blood, and consultation with a diabetologist. We were supported by LUX MEX Group, Rawlplug’s partner in medical care, which we guarantee our employees in Poland as an additional benefit. The action was attended by a total of 30 people. They all had their blood sugar levels tested, and 16 of them consulted the doctor to discuss their test results and the general state of their health.

Mutual motivation

As part of the celebration of World Health Day, we also asked Rawlplug employees to share details of their own passion for fitness and sport. As a result we have produced three interesting interviews where employees talk about their love of sport and offer tips on staying well. You can find them on our website under Health and Physical Activity. We encourage you to read them.

More information about World Health Day can be found on the dedicated World Health Organization website.


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