We reach out to professionals - autumn job fairs

We reach out to professionals - autumn job fairs

In order to interest potential candidates in working with Rawlplug, we recently participated in several recruitment fair events.

We were pleased to take part in a number of successful meetings, which may result in cooperation with selected candidates in the future. Twice we had the opportunity to present the virtues of Rawlplug as an employer in Wroclaw - during both the Career IT job fair and Career Expo - as well as in Rzeszow during the IX European Job Fair Work Expo. Our recruitment centred on IT positions, operators and production technicians, and our internship programmes.

Not just for the young

At Rawlplug we try to match the development of career paths to the expectations of our employees. We meticulously develop programmes for graduates and at the same time, through systematic evaluation, we set trends in the measurement of and increase in competence of employees with greater work experience. “According to our observations, the most frequent visitors to trade shows are young people who are taking their first steps in a career,” says Marta Michno, Head of Human Resources and Payroll at Koelner Łancucka Fabryka Srub. “There appear to be fewer and fewer experienced people with technical education, so the interest of employers in qualified candidates continues to grow.” A similar observation was made by Anna Szulga, Rawlplug HR Specialist in Wroclaw: “Our internship programmes generate a great amount of interest from graduates, who see them as an excellent opportunity to gain new experience, thus increasing their chances of success on the job market. The IT professionals we have met recently particularly appreciate the international character of our organization and the opportunities we offer.”

Concern for employees

Supporting the development activities and initiatives of employees outside the workplace is very important to us. We see it as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which is one of the pillars of Rawlplug sustainable development. We believe that investment in people is key to our mutual success.

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