Training for business partners in Belgium

Training for business partners in Belgium

To further expand the reach of the Rawlplug brand in Western Europe we recently conducted product and merchandising training for Belgian construction trade wholesalers APOK and I.R.S.

Their range will be greatly expanded by the inclusion of our modern and innovative fixings, fasteners, and accessories for power tools. Thanks to this partnership we are able to reach the professionals in the Belgian construction industry, in particular roofing contractors and installers of guttering systems. To support APOK and I.R.S., Ewa Rosinska-Hryn prepared a special introduction to new products, and conducted a meeting dedicated to training. This involved a detailed discussion of our products, their features and benefits, methods of installation, and our innovative exposure system.

Attractive presentation

As part of our collaboration with the APOK and I.R.S. chains we are especially keen to share our knowledge of effective sales and product exposure. In two of the thirty-two selling points we have implemented a pilot of our product display system, demonstrating its flexibility to provide our customers with optimal solutions for display. The height and width of the displays are matched to the available space, and their contents are exposed on shelves, hooks and brackets dedicated to a specific range and assortment of products. We also implemented our system of colour coding the information for various types of substrate, and equipped shelves with the related promotional materials - wobblers, price cards, labels and panels. Rawlplug’s original and unique product display system has a positive effect on the aesthetics of exposure in trade warehouses and retail outlets, and makes navigating the shelves much easier, thus allowing customers to quickly locate the products they need. It will be introduced to other APOK and I.R.S. stores in the near future.

Relationships that are paying off

We are certain that in other countries of the world, just as in Belgium, the foundation of our success is efficient cooperation with our business partners. We make every effort to meet their expectations - in both product range and sales and marketing support. For more information about our activities in this area visit the Customer Centricity section of our website.


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