Support for students from the Workcamp programme to repair a shelter for single mothers

Support for students from the Workcamp programme to repair a shelter for single mothers

Once again we were pleased to  offer our support in the form of fixings and tools for students of Warsaw’s technical universities, who undertook the renovation work at a shelter in Chyliczki near Warsaw.

Teresa Strzembosz Single Mothers Shelter in Chyliczki is run by the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy. Its history dates back to 1958, when the old inn was first used as a shelter for needy mothers with small children. The building and facilities are currently being renovated, depending on available funds. An initiative of Warsaw University of Technology and the Military Technical Academy, within the Workcamp project, recently helped insulate the home and replace the facade. Future engineers used the opportunity to improve their professional skills as they joined volunteer support to complete the construction works.

Putting theory into practice

The group of 12 students repairing Single Mothers Shelter had to prepare the project work and manage the materials themselves, in addition to ensuring the accuracy and quality of each element of the insulation and construction work. All of this served to add to their experience and advance their abilities. We had the pleasure of supporting their activities by providing Koelner KI-180M fixings for facades with thermal insulation plugs, necessary for securing the polystyrene during thermal insulation. We also supplied sets of Modeco hand tools, which further improved the work of the volunteers.

Supporting the development of competencies

At Rawlplug we appreciate and support any actions which enable people to reach out and help needy children. We also pay particular attention to the activities and development of students and graduates as they improve their professional skills and develop practical knowledge – we run internship programmes, support universities and undertake a range of other activities, about which you can learn more in the Educational Programmes section of our website.

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