Students of logistics visit the Rawlplug high-bay warehouse

Students of logistics visit the Rawlplug high-bay warehouse

Logis Student Scientific Society works within the Department of Logistics at the University of Economics in Wroclaw. Its main aim is to spread practical knowledge in the field of logistics among students in each year of study. As part of the society’s regular study meetings a group of students visited our Central Distribution Warehouse in Wroclaw (Poland) to further their knowledge of the modern logistics solutions used by Rawlplug.

Meeting to learn

Members of the Logis Student Scientific Society had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the type of work carried out at the high-bay pallet and container warehouse. They were shown how we implement key warehouse processes such as reception, picking and shipping. They learned about the different methods for identifying cargo and goods, and how Rawlplug uses automation to support processes. We gave them the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the latest devices used in the completion process - mobile terminals for the traditional way of working and the new, modern Voice Picking system which was installed in October 2014. During the two-hour meeting with our logistics coordinator, the students also learned how the WMS (Warehouse Management System) works and how we manage the execution of processes and facilitate the location of goods.

We support student initiatives

Rawlplug is keen to be involved in the initiatives of academic societies, which are designed to help students to quickly and easily navigate the labour market when they leave education. We also support them by organizing internships and apprenticeships, which allow students to gain experience and familiarize themselves with the specifics of work within a manufacturing company. Thanks to these schemes we can contribute to the development of students, inspiring them and shaping future professional staff. For more information about our support of educational programmes, visit our site.

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