Smiles all round at the Rawlplug Summer Camp 2014

Smiles all round at the Rawlplug Summer Camp 2014

Throughout July and August 2014, over eighty children aged 7-17 attended summer camps organised by Rawlplug.

The camps are organised and funded by Rawlplug’s social committee (ZFSS) and are free of charge for the children of employees from right across Rawlplug and its subsidiary companies.

Pogorzelica – Idyllic surroundings for summer fun

The 2014 editions of the camps were held in Pogorzelica, a coastal village in the administrative district of Gmina Rewal (part of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship). The village forms part of a special conservation zone, with protected wildlife habitat zones to the east and south – a perfect setting for children to learn more about, and interact with nature.

Participating children stayed at the Manta recreational resort, a complex set in a pine forest just 300 metres from the sea. The location not only offered endless opportunities for fun and interaction with nature, but, thanks to the high levels of iodine in the sea air, also provided a healthy alternative to the stifling heat of the city.

In addition to the natural attractions of the area, children were free to make use of private play areas, sports fields, a climbing wall (accompanied by a qualified instructor) and outdoor picnic and barbecue areas. What’s more, as part of each summer camp, day trips were organised so that children and youngsters had the opportunity to experience the best of the local attractions. 

An experience in independence

While the main aim of the summer camps was to promote fun and recreation (not to mention giving parents a hard-earned break from parenting duties), there was an important lesson to be learned about independence. For many, the camps were the first opportunity to spend an extended period of time away from the watchful eye of parents.

The camps provided an opportunity to strike up new friendships, experience the highs and lows of independent life, spend time with and learn from children from different parts of the country and, generally, to forge the type of character-building experiences that last a lifetime.

The value of a smile

The 2014 edition of the camp was a resounding success. How do we know? Simple. We saw a lot of smiles throughout both summer camp sessions. We saw smiles during the planned activities, smiles during free time, smiles as children went back for second helpings at meal team, smiles as they overcame their natural inhibitions to make new friends and, finally, smiles as they eagerly asked if they could come back again next year.

We know happy kids when we see them, and we know there are few things more satisfying in life than making a child smile.

We passionately believe that summer camps are valuable experiences and that the opportunity to spend time away from parents in the company of other children contributes to a healthy childhood and maturation process. There are two inextricably linked core goals behind Rawlplug’s organisation of annual summer camps:

- The smile on a child’s face is precious and we passionately pursue a variety of activities that help to bring a smile to a child’s face. The summer camp is just one of these activities, but given the scale of the activity and organisation required, it is perhaps the biggest.

- Happy children contribute to a happy home. Happy homes are possible when children are active and stimulated, and when parents are well rested and able to enjoy time away from their parental duties. We want all Rawlplug employees to have happy home lives as well as happy professional lives, and believe that one should go hand in hand with the other.

We are enormously proud of the 2014 edition of the Rawlplug summer camp and wish to convey our thanks to all involved in its organisation. We hope the camps will have provided the participating children with renewed vigour and valuable experiences as they return to school, and we look forward to providing them with this same opportunity again next year.

A happy camper’s account

One of the youngest participants, Zuzanna, eight, wrote to express her thanks (translated from Polish):

“My name is Zuzanna and I am eight years old. When I arrived, I was sad to be away from my parents, especially as I was one of the youngest children there. But my sadness didn’t last long, because the summer camp was brilliant. It was nice to be so close to the sea and the place where we stayed was great – we had a big canteen, a shop, and some rooms even had balconies! It was great being around the other children and the ladies at the camp were very kind to us. My favourite memories are of the disco and also our trips to Świnoujście i Międzyzdrojów (towns on the Baltic coast). I especially enjoyed visiting the Gerhard Fort and climbing to the top of the lighthouse in Świnoujście.

I made some great friends and was really sad at the end of camp. On the last full day, we made a bonfire and played Hare and Hounds. I finished fifth, which I was very pleased about. Later, the camp organisers gave out awards and certificates. I received four, including one for third place in the art contest, one for cable sliding and one for climbing.

Thank you so much for a great summer camp! I hope I’ll be back next year!”


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