Rawlplug provides internship and work-placement opportunities to more than 100 people in 2014

Rawlplug provides internship and work-placement opportunities to more than 100 people in 2014

In 2014, Rawlplug and its subsidiary companies in Poland and around the world provided internships and work placements to over one hundred people, thereby boosting their learning journey and career opportunities.

As part of its commitment to providing young people with opportunities to augment their learning experiences and develop their career prospects, Rawlplug – through its global network of subsidiary companies – offers young people in Poland and around the world the chance to gain practical and relevant experience with a market-leading international company.

What types of internships and work placements does Rawlplug provide?

Rawlplug offers students and young people a variety of different learning opportunities. Examples include:

Summer Internships or placements lasting 1-4 months. Typically for university students, these placements provide participants with an opportunity to gain real-life experience in their area of interest and to put the theory they have learned at their higher-education institutes into practical use. The benefits of such placements are that students enhance and continue their learning experience during the summer break or can benefit from extended placements in a professional environment before joining the workforce. Rawlplug, meanwhile is able to benefit from fresh insight and the opportunity to contribute to and evaluate the future labour pool in the industry. Some of these placements are paid and involve the participants in fully-fledged production or research and development (R&D) projects.

Short-term work-experience placements for vocational students.Typically lasting around one week (though some last up to one month), these courses give young adults that have already chosen their intended vocation the opportunity to sharpen their skills before entering the job market or progressing in their vocational training. Under normal circumstances, participants are typically required to attend courses at their local Practical Training Centre or other officially recognised vocational institution. Placements at Rawlplug subsidiary companies provide students with an endorsed alternative, and one that exposes them to a real-world business and production environment.

Half-year placements as part of EU-funded projects. Working together with the European Union (EU), Rawlplug also provides opportunities for students to secure valuable long-term work experience, thus giving them a chance to learn new skills, obtain additional qualifications and boost their CV in what is a highly competitive labour market.

Which areas of the business do young people and students learn about?

Rawlplug and its subsidiaries specialise in technical excellence and the production of advanced solutions for the construction and DIY industries. As such, the majority of participants naturally come from a technical background and seek to progress in this area. At the same time, given that Rawlplug operates in a variety of countries, we also endeavour to provide vocational opportunities to students in a wide range of business, management, and administrative functions. In 2014, the majority of participants were assigned to one of the following areas of the business:

  • Marketing
  • Sales (both B2B and B2C)
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Financial Auditing & Control
  • Health & Safety (BHP in Poland) and Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Office Management & Administration
  • Procurement
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Tooling & Tool Production
  • Production

Where do students come from?

Rawlplug and its subsidiaries attract students from a variety of different locations. The majority come from universities in Wrocław, Poland, which is the home of Rawlplug SA. However, students from cities all across Poland (including Kraków, Rzeszów and others) apply for and participate in our work-experience schemes. What’s more, in 2014, a handful of placements were organised by, and took place at Rawlplug’s office in the UK.

Rawlplug internships and work placements – by the numbers

  • 586 weeks of placements and internships provided;
  • 105 students benefitted from internships or work placements at Rawlplug in 2014;
  • 20 academic and vocational institutions involved;
  • 15 paid work placements or internships;
  • 10+ business functions or disciplines offering internships and work placements;
  • 5 Rawlplug Group entities offering internships and work placements (Koelner Rawlplug IP, Rawlplug SA, Rawlplug Ltd, Łańcucka Fabryka Śrub, FPiN Wapienica).

The value of placements and internships to Rawlplug

Rawlplug is committed to providing young people with valuable opportunities as part of their learning and career-development journeys. At the same time, Rawlplug has much to gain from work-experience placements and internships, as explained by Director of HR at Rawlplug, Adrianna Chrobak:

“Young people represent the future of our industry and the future of our company. Work-experience placements and internships give us an opportunity to learn more about – and even influence – our future consumers and workforce. The more we learn, the better equipped we are to stay at the forefront of the industry and channel the next generation of thought leaders into our business. In many instances, a work-experience placement or internship at Rawlplug is followed by the offer of paid employment. However, even in those instances when an offer of paid employment is not forthcoming, we at Rawlplug are proud to be contributing to the development of a skilled workforce and to the enhancement of the career prospects of any young person that participates in this initiative with us.”

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