Rawlplug a partner in the thirtieth anniversary of the WPPK conference in March 2015

Rawlplug a partner in the thirtieth anniversary of the WPPK conference in March 2015

On 25-28 March 2015, in Szczyrk, Poland, the association for the Workshops for Construction Designers (WPPK) celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. Rawlplug was a partner in this illustrious industry event.

 Rawlplug has worked with the WPPK for over a decade now and, by sharing content and expertise, our collaboration helps to promote best practices in the construction industry. Rawlplug and the WPPK work together at events organised by the PZITB – The Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians (Polski Związek Inżynierów i Techników Budownictwa).

What are the WPPK workshops?

The WPPK event dates back to the 1980s, when it was proposed by the PZITB that regular conferences and workshops take place to serve as forums for discussions on how to promote best practices and solve commonly encountered problems in the design and construction industry.

Since 1985, interest in the workshops has been rising, to the point where, today, they are seen as an important event for the whole industry. These days, the workshops last four days and are complemented by a comprehensive suite of industry-specific conference materials. Attended by key figures from across the industry and representatives of the leading companies, the events facilitate the sharing of advice on how to deal with the most commonly encountered issues in the industry.

The workshops also serve as an opportunity to present and discuss new products, technologies, methodologies and standards, and also distribute literature related to these new developments. In this way, the WPPK event serves to bring leaders from the industries together to promote best practices and knowledge transfer.

This year’s hot topic – repair and reinforcement of building structures

This year’s event was organised by the Bielsko-Biała division of the PZITB (with support from the divisions in Gliwice, Katowice and Kraków). The theme of the event was Repair and Reinforcement of Building Structures.

As a leading partner of the event, and one responsible for the contribution of content and thought leadership, Rawlplug appeared alongside companies like Mapei, Solbet, SPC, Consolis and Farby Kabe to lead discussion and facilitate knowledge transfer on this industry hot topic.

Rawlplug products on show

At the event, Rawlplug presented several products related to the key themes of the event. Examples of this were the Safety Plus II Expansion Sleeve Anchor for high loads and concrete that is subject to seismic activity. Other products presented included items from Rawlplug’s Passive Fire Protection Systems.

Rawlplug also used the show to demo its proprietary Rawlplug EasyFix tool – a computer application that enables builders and project planners to calculate fixing requirements and devise appropriate solutions quickly and easily. The development of this free tool is further evidence of Rawlplug’s commitment to promoting high standards and best practices across the industry.

Rawlplug involvement in other key industry events

As a pioneer and innovator in fixing structures, Rawlplug is often invited to industry events, seminars and workshops to present new solutions, case studies, and to share knowledge on key topics in the industry. In addition to the WPPK event, in March Rawlplug was also invited to take part in an international training seminar, organised by the Katowice division of the Association of Fire Engineers and Technicians. The event, held in the Polish mountain city of Zakopane, focused on the latest fire safety developments in the construction industry. At the event, Rawlplug presented many elements of the Rawlplug® Passive Fire Protection System.

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