Rawlplug takes part in the IT Careers Fair for the third time

Rawlplug takes part in the IT Careers Fair for the third time

Our representatives presented career opportunities at Rawlplug during the career fair in Wroclaw.

The April IT Careers Fair is an important event on the timetable of Wroclaw job fairs for industry professionals. Among the exhibitors were major local employers, and invited to participate in the meetings were experienced professionals, graduates and students in their final years of study. Employers and potential candidates for available positions met to exchange opinions and discuss the experience of working in an environment of new and emerging technologies. Event organizers put together an attractive programme of lectures and talks by professionals who inspired attendees. They encouraged the development of professional skills, and advised on effective job search techniques and forging a career path.

IT within a fixings manufacturer

Rawlplug devotes particular attention to the development of internal structures of information, which is associated with the assumptions of a five-year strategy for the company which has been set out for the years 2013-2018. During the fair we promoted the planned deployments of our information technology and the development and maintenance of current systems which are dealt with by our IT and WEB teams.  “The spring edition, which we also took part in last year, is an excellent opportunity to meet with people seeking work experience and professional internships, because as we approach the end of the academic year interest in the possibilities of development among students and future graduates is increasing,” says Artur Frysiak, Section Manager of Development and Application Management at Rawlplug. “As a result, we held many interesting conversations with people at the start of their careers. Hopefully in the summer we will invite selected people to participate in our internship programmes.”

A first industry experience with Rawlplug

In the past year in various areas of our business we have helped 116 people to take their first steps in the industry. Our internship programmes and work experience opportunities are popular in Poland and abroad, because we make every effort to ensure that the participants – by being given their own tasks and responsibilities – feel like members of the team, and gain valuable knowledge. More information about how our specialists support the development of students and graduates can be found in the Educational Programmes section of the website.


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