Rawlplug supports young talent!

Rawlplug supports young talent!

Nearly 8 thousand students from the whole world participated in this year's finals. Amongst them, a team of girls from Primary School No. 82 in Wrocław, supported by a number of companies, including Rawlplug.

The competition in Knoxville was composed of two stages. The first one involved building a scenery for an original artistic programme for which a moving platform had also been provided. The second one, i.e. the Instant Challenge, involved a task that had to be completed within a pre-defined time and using the materials indicated. The team didn’t know what task they would get until they entered the room.

The challenge they faced involved fixing a leaking water tank. The judges applied different criteria in their evaluation, the most important ones being an innovative approach to solving a technical problem, and efficient teamwork. Our team came third in this category, which was an excellent result, while overall they came 34th.

The girls have made us very proud with their ipressive teamwork skills. We wish them lots of success in the next editions of DI!


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