Rawlplug summarizes its 2015 advisory activities

Rawlplug summarizes its 2015 advisory activities

Customer centricity is a key signpost for Rawlplug in the implementation of our sustainability policy. We always try to orient activities around the needs of our business partners. We make every effort to ensure that our team of advisers and trainers reach every person interested in the Rawlplug offer, regardless of geographical location and level of specialization. In 2015, our local representatives conducted training sessions for many different audiences, both in Europe - including Poland, Great Britain, Scandinavia, France and Ireland - and selected locations on other continents such as Australia, Russia, South Africa, the Middle East and others.

Technical knowledge and sales

A characteristic feature of our advisory and training activities is the flexibility we demonstrate in matching issues to a specific audience or qualified team of dedicated experts. We want to provide comprehensive support, so we prepare tailored training plans for both specialists in the field of fastening and end users. For example, in 2015 we had the opportunity in the UK to perform nine dedicated training sessions for 35 users of Rawlplug gas nailers. We also support sales teams to improve their knowledge of our offer. Last year this included sellers from INTEC and VIMAPLAS in Portugal, and from Ireland teams representing Woodies home improvement store, McMahon chain stores, and Cork Builders Providers. Our experts also advised designers and engineers, including 156 experts from the British market. We focus on substantive training in proper fitting, listening to the needs of participants and discussing all aspects of the Rawlplug offer or selected elements relevant to a specific audience. Last year we filled consultative meetings, theoretical and practical training sessions, bids, seminars and lectures, all of which were appreciated by audiences. We organised them internally for our companies worldwide, and externally – depending on the situation – at the premises of the customer or at independent centres.

Rawlplug in the heart of the industry

Customers appreciate the support and availability of Rawlplug technical advisers and trainers, which allows us to enjoy the good opinion of trusted and committed business partners. Our history of activity in many professional organisations and associations around the world is also appreciated. You can find more information about our membership of professional organisations on the website.


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