Rawlplug sponsors the Polish national team in the World Ultimate Championships

Rawlplug sponsors the Polish national team in the World Ultimate Championships

Ultimate, also known as Frisbee, is a sport whose number one rule is about showing special respect for the principles of fair play. Rawlplug has engaged in supporting this interesting sport by covering part of the travel cost of the Polish representation at the tournament recently held in the UK.

This year's World Championships in London – WUGC (World Ultimate & Guts Championships) 2016 – brought together almost 3,000 athletes from 39 countries. The inspiration for our support of the Polish national team was the son of one of our employees, who competed in the tournament as part of a squad of 26 players. Ultimate is a young sport in Poland, with the first competitive games taking place as recently as 2006. The Polish team enjoyed two victories during WUGC 2016, winning hard-fought matches against Egypt and Mexico. Additionally, their game with Switzerland saw a Polish team member elected best player of the match. Their own assessment of the tournament was as a great success, particularly because the team only formed in March and had little time to fully prepare for the competition.

Not just throwing a Frisbee

Ultimate players have to demonstrate not only excellent physical condition, but also exemplary sportsmanship. During the tournament matches the teams are not controlled by judges or referees - the players themselves monitor and verify their compliance with the rules of behaviour. The main goal of the game is to gain 17 points by catching a Frisbee in point-scoring zones, which are situated at opposite ends of the pitch. Players are not allowed to have physical contact with each other, and each time intentional contact with an opposing player occurs a foul is committed which can have consequences later in the game. It is worth noting that each tournament awards a special prize, "Spirit of the Game", for the team which conducted itself in the best spirit of the game throughout.

A sporting spirit is infectious

At Rawlplug we believe in the positive power of sport and try to support its promotion among adults, adolescents, children, our employees and their loved ones. Positive emotions and the spirit of healthy competition which sport teaches us transfer seamlessly into the working atmosphere of the Rawlplug team. Discover our actions in support of athletes.


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