Rawlplug organises training for business partners in the Middle East

Rawlplug organises training for business partners in the Middle East

At the beginning of November 2014 Rawlplug conducted a two-day product training programme for its business partners in the Middle East. One of the main topics discussed at the meeting in Dubai, was our Passive Fire Protection System - a new innovation on the international building market.

What is the Rawlplug product training?

Rawlplug's business model places great emphasis on building close relationships with its customers and business partners to yield mutually fulfilling collaboration between both sides. One of the essential elements of this policy is to provide professional support with regard to technical knowledge of Rawlplug products range, to pass on this during training and demonstrations organised by in-country distributors. Training is conducted by technical experts from Rawlplug and is usually divided into two parts: a presentation, which describes the technical characteristics and benefits of our product; and a practical part, in which customers can try out products and learn their correct application.

Purpose of product training in Dubai?

The purpose of the November’s training in Dubai, was to learn about Passive Fire Protection System products. Project implementation for the organization of these products was completed in Q3 2014. Our employees and distributors were able to learn about the technical innovation parameters recently introduced on to the market by Rawlplug. Participants include such company as: NEHMEH (Qatar), SOLVER (Saudi Arabia), CUT & BREAK (Philippines), AMAARA (Sri Lanka) EBS (Egypt ), INGENIOUS ENG'G PRODUCTS (Pakistan). After presenting all the products in our commercial offer together with a comparison with competitors, Rawlplug experts were available to take questions from the participants

What are the benefits of product training?

The practical part of the training in Dubai included a test about applying and application of passive fire protection products. Volunteers had the opportunity to use the knowledge gained during the first part of the meeting and tested the Rawlplug products included in our offer, under the guidance of experts and in accordance with the guidelines contained in the technical approval and catalogue.  With this type of training Rawlplug business partners can  broaden their knowledge about the sales products and can receive technical support for the distributed product range.

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