Rawlplug promotes safety on the roads

Rawlplug promotes safety on the roads

In 2014, Rawlplug organised seven Safe Driving sessions for Rawlplug employees around Poland.

A total of 78 employees, most of whom have roles that require them to be on the road for a large portion of their time, benefitted from the training.

The one-day courses were held in three cities – Toruń (one session), Kraków (three sessions) and Warsaw (three sessions).

Rawlplug takes the safety of its employees – and that of other drivers on Polish roads – very seriously. Road Safety courses are organised to ensure the safety of those Rawlplug employees who spend large parts of their working time travelling. By ensuring our drivers are well trained and understand the principles of safe driving, Rawlplug is also demonstrating a commitment to making Polish roads safer for all motorists.

What did the Safe Driving sessions involve?

The courses featured a mix of theory and practical training. Each session was a demanding experience that tested participants’ reactions and helped them to hone their judgement in potentially difficult road conditions. Activities ranged from setting the optimal driving position, through to driving with special goggles as a means of simulating driving under the influence of alcohol.

Among the most-notable activities were:

  • Slalom exercises aimed at achieving full control the vehicle, exercising hands and learning the techniques necessary to maintain full control during difficult circumstances and conditions.
  • Learning how to perform emergency braking in slippery conditions. Participants were required to perform emergency braking on slippery ceramic discs starting at speeds of 50km/h and 70km/h. As part of this exercise, participants also learned to judge and estimate distances in difficult conditions.
  • Emergency braking with the added task of avoiding obstacles. Participants were required to assess and estimate the appropriate braking distance and decide upon the evasive actions required to avoid collision.
  • Emergency lane changing while driving in a straight line. Participants were exposed to – and expected to deal with – a variety of difficult conditions.
  • Driving while wearing goggles designed to simulate the experience of driving under the influence of alcohol as a means of raising awareness of the dangers of driving in such conditions.

Each participant received a certificate confirming completion of level one of the course. The participation of Rawlplug employees in these courses is part of our long-term strategy to improve the safety of our people when they are on the road. In the future, Rawlplug will be funding the participation of more employees and will also be providing employees with the opportunity to complete the more-advanced levels of the course.

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