Rawlplug helps children through “Workcamp” project

Rawlplug helps children through “Workcamp” project

Rawlplug recently provided support for the Workcamp project Tatrogród (Tatry Gardens) in the Polish mountain region of Zakopane, a project aimed at providing a safe and healthy environment for children suffering hardships or problems at home.

What is Workcamp?

Workcamp is one of five projects under the MK Start programme. The MK Start programme (Program Rozwoju Zawodowego Młodej Kadry) seeks to provide young professionals with the help they need to get their careers off to the right start, while at the same time channelling their efforts into delivering social good. The MK Start programme was conceived and is being run by the Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians (Polski Związek Inżynierów i Techników Budownictwa – PZITB).

Workcamp seeks to engage budding young professionals from the construction industry on a volunteer basis to work on projects that will benefit the local community. In addition to the satisfaction derived from helping the local community, these young volunteers benefit by working alongside – and learning from – seasoned veterans and industry experts from the Association. In this way, each Workcamp project serves as a valuable form of work experience and practical training, not to mention a great networking opportunity.

What is the Tatrogród project?

Tatrogród (translated as Tatry Garden) is a care centre for children and families that have experience hardship or domestic abuse. The centre is home to more than thirty children, aged between 4 and 18. The centre was in need of renovation and upgrading, and while the provision of EU funding helped modernise part of the centre, it did not allow for the renovation of the older part of the facility.

Thanks to the involvement of the PZITB and the Workcamp project, for two weeks in August 2014, youngsters and industry experts from around Poland were brought together to work on this worthy cause. Working together with the local community, these volunteers worked tirelessly to restore the centre to a state in which it would serve as a warm, welcoming and safe environment for youngsters that have suffered hardship.

How did Rawlplug contribute to the Tatrogród project?

Rawlplug, through its subsidiary company Koelner Polska, provided the building equipment used throughout the project. This enabled the project team to save money and also provided the young volunteers to gain valuable experience of working with some of the best tools and equipment available in the industry.

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