Rawlplug employees take part in the 34th PKO Wroclaw Marathon

Rawlplug employees take part in the 34th PKO Wroclaw Marathon

The Rawlplug team battled hot weather and a gruelling distance to successfully cross the finish line in Wroclaw’s largest running event.

The marathon is always a huge challenge for both amateurs and professional. This year's 34th PKO Wroclaw Marathon measured the mettle of five employees from Rawlplug’s Fixings Division, Tools Division, Purchasing Department and Toolroom. To show support for this sporting initiative, we funded the runners’ kits. We are extremely proud of their achievements - all of our runners completed the race and their results are all the more impressive because they did so in extreme temperatures which affected even the most elite runners in the field.

First of all, the struggle with the heat

“It was my sixth Wroclaw Marathon. I have previously experienced all possible types of weather during races, from heat, to cold and rain,” said Mariusz Józefowiak from Rawlplug’s Purchasing Department. “However, during this run it was exceptionally hot. I was absolutely roasted.” The marathon route ran through most of the city, making it a difficult event to organise. Participants unanimously concluded that despite the challenges of logistics and weather, the organisers deserve a medal themselves. “I was running a marathon for the first time in my life, and my goal was just to finish the race,” said Andrzej Jarczewski from the Fixings Division. “The sun was cruel, but the organisers were well prepared; on the route were a lot of places to take on water and refresh.” Krzysztof Ryżewski, also from Rawlplug’s Fixings Division concludes, “It was my first marathon and I came in to the race eager to run well. For the first 35 km I ran at a rate which would get me to the finish line in a time of around 3:30, but with 5 km to go, I felt that I needed to change my plan if I was actually to finish the race. The last few kilometres were a real struggle. Regular hydration always helps, but in this case it was more important than ever if we were going to survive the full distance.”
All five completed this murderous marathon - a tremendous achievement considering that more than six thousand participants started but only just over four thousand people made it to the finish line.

Team in the colours of Rawlplug

We are especially keen to show support and encouragement for the sporting endeavours of our employees. We are aware that sporting competition has a positive influence on the atmosphere within the team. For more information about our activities visit the Sport and Special Initiatives section of our website.

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