Postcards from a seaside holiday

Postcards from a seaside holiday

The final days of the summer holiday break brought to an end the last of this year’s holiday camp trips organised by the Society of the Friends of Children in Wroclaw. As usual Rawlplug was excited to play a part.

Each year during the holiday season we try to help children to participate in summer recreation activities. We are convinced that an interesting and stimulating summer break allows them to establish new and lasting friendships, and start the new school year refreshed. With the support of sponsors and the involvement of attendants, the Society of the Friends of Children in Wroclaw made it possible for nearly 500 children to spend a vacation by the sea. Eight two-week tours took place over the course of the summer at holiday and rehabilitation centres in Dzwirzyno, Jaroslawiec and Jantar on the Baltic Sea coast.

Actively learning and developing

At the Society of the Friends of Children camps there was no room for boredom. Organisers took care to fill every waking minute of the children’s holiday with activities. They took part in team games, learned the basics of windsurfing and demonstrated their sporting talents. Of course, there was also plenty of time for relaxing on the beach where, in addition to the sea and sunbathing, contests and games were available. Attendants sought to arouse the children’s curiosity through alternative tours along the coast, inspiring them to acquire new skills in the classroom and new social skills during group activities.

Investment in children

We believe that the time we devote to children of school age will have a positive influence on their future. We constantly support activities in this area, which you can learn more about in the Good causes and Educational programmes sections of our website.

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