Our employees took part in the Companies Run for charity

Our employees took part in the Companies Run for charity

Rawlplug’s relay team achieved an impressive 63rd place from almost 700 teams entered.

A total of five thousand runners from the largest companies in Wroclaw participated in this year's edition of the Companies Run.  Five-person teams had to overcome a 25km relay race - 5km for each team member. The Companies Run is an interesting initiative which combines the promotion of an active and healthy lifestyle through running with inter-company co-operation to support those in need. The organizer of the event is the Everest Foundation, which focuses its activities on physical activity and support for sick children, the disabled and those in difficult circumstances.

The Rawlplug high-five

Our team of employees successfully passed the baton to finish a high 63rd out of the 662 teams that completed the relay. In brackets below are the places and times of the Rawlplug runners in the overall individual classification:

Krzysztof Stępień - Warehouse (609 place / 22:07)

Marcin Kuźmicki - Legal Department (916 place / 23:01)

Krzysztof Woźniak - Research and Development (1060 place / 23:24)

Mariusz Józefowiak - Purchasing Department (1757 place / 24:49)

Karolina Kaczor – Web Division (2933 place / 27:26)

Go to the table of individual results of all the participants in the Companies Run.

We support helping people through sport

Help for needy children in difficult life situations is very important to us. We are proud of the initiative shown by our employees, who organize grassroots activities to support children in need. More information about our activities for children can be found in the Good Causes section of our website.

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