Rawlplug provides school equipment to underprivileged children in Szczecin

Rawlplug provides school equipment to underprivileged children in Szczecin

As part of Rawlplug’s ongoing commitment to improving the opportunities available to children and youngsters, Rawlplug’s sales team in Szczecin recently provided support to the Osówka childcare centre in Szczecin.

What is Osówka

The Osówka care and education centre currently looks after eleven children aged between 5 and 15. If needed, children live at the centre and, while there, attend classes and both educational and recreational activities.

The centre is associated with the Constantine Maciejewicz Childcare Centre institution in Szczecin and plays a vital, stabilising role in the lives of children whose domestic lives have been disrupted or have experienced particular hardship or trauma. Centres like Osówka in Szczecin take in such children and ensure that their physical, emotional, educational, material and spiritual needs are addressed, and that they continue to benefit from as many of the same pleasures and benefits that other children do. During times of family crisis, they also provide a safe environment for children while at the same time, facilitating suitable, controlled contact between children and parents.

How did Rawlplug help?

The children were in need of the basic articles required to participate in typical classroom activities. On hearing of this situation, Rawlplug’s sales team in Szczecin stepped in, purchasing notepads, paint, pens, workbooks and much more. Rawlplug delivered the items to the school on October 20th 2014. Thanks to this initiative, the children at the Osówka centre can benefit from the same educational experiences and facilities as those enjoyed by children at other schools.

Rawlplug, children and young people

Rawlplug is passionate about supporting good causes, particularly those that provide opportunities to underprivileged children. Find out how Rawlplug supports children and young people.


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