Rawlplug expert, Marian Bober shares best practices with leading industry publications

Rawlplug expert, Marian Bober shares best practices with leading industry publications

Rawlplug expert, Marian Bober, independently shares expertise with thousands of constructors by writing advisory articles and publishing them through industry bodies like DAFA (The Association for flat roofs and facades).

Rawlplug employee recognised for industry-leading expertise

Rawlplug’s commitment to the advance of the construction industry and sharing of best practices is perfectly epitomised by the work of Marian Bober, Manager of the Technical Department at Koelner S.A., in Poland, which is a subsidiary of Rawlplug.

Marian has recently written one article and contributed to another, both of which have been published in leading construction industry publications. As a prominent member of DAFA (Stowarzyszenia dachów płaskich i fasad – The Association for flat roofs and facades), Marian has written several articles in the past, some of which have been in his role as an independent member of DAFA and published through this platform, and previously as a representative of Koelner.

At present, Marian Bober’s articles appear in Polish only. While they are written primarily to address interest in the key industry topics regularly discussed by constructors and enthusiasts on the Polish market, they reflect Marian Bober’s and Rawlplug’s international expertise and industry knowledge.

DAFA – Promoting best practices in the construction industry

Marian Bober’s most-recent articles appear in publications associated with DAFA, and while Rawlplug is a member of this trade association, Marian writes the articles not as a Rawlplug employee, but as an independent and objective recognised industry expert. The articles are published by DAFA as part of the Association’s efforts to promote best practices and high quality standards in the industry. Marian’s recent articles include:

How to select fasteners to mount profiled steel sheet roofs and walls (Dobór łączników do montażu stalowych blach profilowych dachów i ścian).

Selecting fasteners for the installation of panels (Dobór Łączników do montażu płyt warstwowych)

Both articles are available only in Polish but, if the topics are of interest to you, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide more information in English.

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Rawlplug is active in promoting best practices and elevating the quality of services and products in the construction industry. We are members of a variety of leading industry bodies and regularly organise events with clients and enthusiasts to help them use Rawlplug products and best practices to ensure the success of their projects.

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