Modeco Show 2015 brings together more than 200 partners to learn more about new products from Rawlplug and its brands

Modeco Show 2015 brings together more than 200 partners to learn more about new products from Rawlplug and its brands

In February and March, two editions of the 2015 Modeco Show were held, near Warsaw, Poland. The two-day events were attended by more than 200 representatives of Koelner Polska partners, clients and distributors.

What is the Modeco Show?

The Modeco Show is organised by Koelner Polska, a subsidiary of Rawlplug Group and one of the Group’s most recognised brands. The Modeco show brings together clients, distributors, partners and enthusiasts so that they can learn more about Rawlplug products, grow their own networks, and get a first look at new products from Rawlplug brands (e.g. Modeco, Rawlplug, Koelner and Globus) and also other carefully selected brands (e.g. Black & Decker, AEG, Milwaukee, Rapid, Mat, Stanely, Dewalt and others). In many ways, the Modeco Show is like an exclusive trade fair – showcasing the goods and services of a select number of brands to a limited number of like-minded enthusiasts.

The Modeco Show forms part of Modeco Challenge, an initiative aimed at building a community of clients (both business and individual end users), partners, distributors and enthusiasts. Modeco Challenge brings these like-minded individuals together so that they can combine their business passions with their personal passions. Rawlplug strongly believes that, when people are passionate about what they do, there is no reason not to mix business with pleasure. Modeco Challenge is the realisation of this philosophy. Modeco Challenge comprises twelve complementary components based on four key pillars – Rewards, Knowledge Sharing, Benefits and Community. The Modeco Show is aligned to the Community pillar.

The two editions of the Modeco organised thus far in 2015 have been held at the Warszawianka Congress Centre in Jachranka, a town just north of Poland’s capital Warsaw.

What have been the highlights of the 2015 edition of the Modeco Show?

The February and March editions of the 2015 Modeco Show were attended by a total of more than 200 representatives from partner companies, distributors and clients. This number and the level of enthusiasm demonstrated by participants dramatically exceeded expectations.

At the event, attendees have been able to:

- Find out about new products and offerings that are in the pipeline. Not only are attendees able to see and learn about new products, but they also able to try them out and do so in the presence of trained Modeco Academy experts. Access to such information and expert advice gives participants a real inside track on what is happening in the industry and should help them to create new business opportunities with their own clients and with their own projects.

- Meet other like-minded individuals and network in an intimate environment. Unlike huge trade fairs that are attended by thousands, the Modeco Show is attended by a smaller number of like-minded individuals all interested in learning about a particular group of brands and products. The event creates the perfect environment for participants to get closer to the Rawlplug brand and also to strengthen their own network of industry contacts.

- Experience products in action. As part of a special initiative aimed at promoting the Rawlplug brand, one area of the Congress Centre is dedicated to the exposition of Rawlplug products and how they are being applied in real-life building products. While brands such as Koelner and Modeco are well established on the Polish market and Rawlplug is the name of the parent company, the Rawlplug brand and its products – despite being well known internationally – are relatively new to the Polish market. This exposition serves as an opportunity to increase awareness of the brand.

- Take part in training sessions. Attendees are invited to test and be trained in the use of products from the Modeco, Rawlplug and other brands. Such training sessions form part of Rawlplug’s ambition to promote higher standards across the industry.  Thus far this year, training sessions have been focused on the use of Rawlplug, Globus and Modeco tools and products.

- Learn about Rawlplug’s strategy for the future. Attendees are able to hear from experts about developments in the industry and what these mean for Rawlplug’s portfolio of products. Such information will help attendees in their planning and discussions with their own clients.

Leader’s view

Modeco Challenge and the Modeco Show serve as a great opportunity for Rawlplug to build more intimate relationships with its clients, distributors and other key stakeholders, as confirmed by Jacek Biedroń, Director of the Tools division at Rawlplug.

“The attendees of the 2015 edition of the Modeco Show have left the show armed with a great amount of information and insight relevant to their industry. They also leave knowing that, in Rawlplug, they have a partner that is committed to supporting them and to promoting best practice across the industry. Modeco Challenge and the Modeco Show are strategically important to Rawlplug – these initiatives enable us to strengthen our relationship with clients, partners and distributors. We strongly believe in the value of building a strong and sustainable network of individuals and companies that share the same values as Rawlplug. The Modeco Show helps us to achieve this.”

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