Rawlplug’s Modeco MTB Team takes part Bike Marathon – Poland’s no.1 series of mountain bike events

Rawlplug’s Modeco MTB Team takes part Bike Marathon – Poland’s no.1 series of mountain bike events

In April 2015, the Modeco MTB (mountain biking) embodied the Rawlplug spirit of combining professional relationships with personal passion, and commenced its participation in a series of bike marathons in Poland.

What is the Modeco MTB Team?

The Modeco MTB Team was established by employees of Rawlplug at the beginning of 2015 as part of the Modeco Challenge. The mountain biking team consists of fourteen members, eight of which are Rawlplug employees with the remainder being their friends and acquaintances.

While experience levels in the team vary from professional through to amateur levels, team members are united by a passion for fun and a desire to test themselves in the fiercely competitive world of mountain biking. It’s the ultimate story of professionals uniting to indulge their personal passions.

What is the Bike Marathon?

Bike Marathon (Bike Maraton in Polish) is Poland’s most popular marathon cycling competition. Enjoying its fifteenth edition in 2015, the Bike Marathon comprises ten stages, which are competed in different regions of Poland. The first event took place in Miękinia (Lower Silesia), in April, and the final event will return to Lower Silesia in October with a stage in Świeradów-Zdrój.

Typically, the Bike Marathon organisers schedule three different events per stage:

Mini - These are (relatively) short events, designed for beginners and casual riders. Anybody accustomed to a little light exercise and in possession of a road-worthy bike and helmet is able to take part.

Mega – These events typically take more than two hours to complete and are suited for those participants with strong stamina and experience of long-distance mountain biking.

Giga – These long-distance events are designed for the best-prepared cyclists and the best athletes from the country's MTB marathons.

The Modeco MTB Team will be participating in events right throughout the ten-stage season. We’ll be following them and lending them our full support throughout this incredible journey.

Thoughts from the saddle

“The Bike Marathon is a high-profile event, and one that welcomes competitors of all levels. It is the perfect opportunity for the members of the Modeco MTB to demonstrate their commitment to converting professional relationships into the shared pursuit of personal passions. We recognise that Rawlplug as a company, particularly through the Modeco brand, embraces sports as a means of maintaining personal wellbeing and also fostering collaboration and team spirit – values that helpu us in sport and business.“

Bartosz Prekiel, Customer Support Manager at Rawlplug and avid member of the Modeco MTB Team.

Find out more

Follow the team on their incredible journey on the Modeco MTB Facebook page.

Check out the schedule and results on the official Bike Marathon page.

People interested in joining the team are invited to email at: bartosz.prekiel@rawlplug.com  

The Modeco brand is associated with more than Mountain Biking – Follow the Modeco Football Team.


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