Modeco Football Team achieves podium place in Slask Wroclaw PRO Football League

Modeco Football Team achieves podium place in Slask Wroclaw PRO Football League

The football team supported by Rawlplug began 2016 with success. During the official gala marking the end of the autumn season of the PRO League, the Modeco Football Team received three statuettes to reflect their impressive league and cup success. Three players also received individual awards.

Good form did not desert the players over recent months, and their experience and fighting spirit helped them to convert this into success. Ending the Slask Wroclaw PRO League season on the podium delighted fans and players alike. “When we finished the spring season in June, our third place in the League motivated us to work even harder for the autumn, which has really paid off,” says Grzegorz Leończyk, Product Manager of Rawlplug Tools Division and captain of Modeco FT.  “Autumn games resulted in a victory in the League Cup, second place in the Top League and third place in The Indoor Christmas Tournament.”

Consistently on the podium

Modeco Football Team has been taking part in Slask Wroclaw PRO League competitions for two years, and in each of the four previous seasons has won a place on the podium. The team has also successfully battled great opposition in the League Cup, where they have twice outclassed all rivals, winning in 2014 and 2015.  “We would not have occasion to celebrate if not for the commitment and hard work of all the players, whose talents are often highlighted in end of season summaries,” says Grzegorz Leończyk.  “In the autumn season Frank Fernandez won the best goalkeeper and the best intervention award; Mateusz Czajka was top scorer and MVP in the League Cup, and Daniel Tarasiewicz was voted winner for best assists in the League Cup.” In the spring statuettes were awarded to David Krupa, who won King of Assists and Best Canadian, and Mariusz Strzelecki, who was the top scorer and MVP in the League Cup.

A short but successful history

Modeco Football Team only began life six years ago, but their experience and effectiveness clearly shows during Slask Wroclaw PRO league matches. The team is currently the only one of the few at their level which has managed to keep a place on the podium in the last few seasons. Although the spring brought some changes in its line-up, the team maintained a high position in the league. It is worth noting that the Slask Wroclaw PRO is the most prestigious and largest amateur league in Wroclaw, involving more than 60 teams.

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