Modeco Academy celebrates first graduates

Modeco Academy celebrates first graduates

From May to September 2014, eighteen Rawlplug employees underwent intensive training at Rawlplug’s Modeco Academy and became fully fledged trainers and recognised experts.

Theory, practice and field experience

For these 18 Rawlplug product experts, the Modeco Academy learning journey began in Niemcza (a town south of Rawlplug’s headquarters in Wrocław) with workshops designed to provide an intimate atmosphere conducive to intensive learning, knowledge sharing and networking between like-minded, high-performing sales and product specialists.

The Modeco Academy learning journey moved to Kołobrzeg in June where, at Rawlplug’s Spotkania Sił Sprzedażowych (sales force meeting), Academy students were given an opportunity to put the skills they had learned into practice by organising and running all-day product-focused workshops for approximately 150 participants from a variety of Rawlplug subsidiaries. By helping these sales professionals learn more about Rawlplug products and their benefits, the Academy students were able to impart technical knowledge on salespeople, which, turn, would help deliver stronger sales.  

The Modeco Academy is founded on the belief that effective learning and knowledge sharing is best achieved by mixing theory, practice and field experience. After the workshops in Niemcza and the sales meeting in Kołobrzeg, the Academy students were sent out into the field, to share their newfound skills and conduct workshops at Rawlplug branches around the country. Each workshop was performed in front of a three-person evaluation committee and trainers were provided with feedback and a grade after each workshop.

Throughout the month of July, newly trained Rawlplug trainers conducted workshops in Warsaw, Poznań and Wrocław. In addition to the three-person evaluating committees, participants included Sales Representatives, Key Account Managers and Investment Coordinators. Across the three different workshops, a total of 52 sales professionals from Rawlplug attended.

Striving for perfection in personal development

Rawlplug is dedicated to achieving perfection – both in the products we develop for our customers and the training we provide to our people. As such, when we talked with the Modeco Academy students and found they required additional support, we arranged for a two-day, practical training session to be held so that the students could perfect their training techniques.

This additional session took place in Czeszów (just north of Wrocław) on September 15-16 and included:

-          Repetition of core elements of the presentations.

-          Exercises with qualified trainers including (how to ask and deal with open questions), benefit-focused language and the use of the feature-advantage-benefit (FAB) model.

-          Presentations based on selected product groups and followed by open and constructive feedback from trainers and colleagues.

-          All Product Managers in attendance created Sales Battlecards.

At the end of this two-day session, all participants were presented with diplomas to confirm their status as qualified trainers. Furthermore, Rawlplug has continued to develop the Modeco Academy programme, thus paving the way for many future generations of Modeco Academy graduates.

What the Academy graduates said

 “One of the main lessons I learned was to not finish my presentation thinking ‘How did it go?’ but to focus more on ‘How much did the audience learn?’ and to remember at all times that it is the product that is the main focus of any workshop or presentation. This, for me, was a vital lesson and one that will be incredibly useful to me and my audiences in the future”.

Iwona, Product Manager

“The journey I took with the Modeco Academy was a transformational one. It allowed me to take my first steps into the world of public speaking. What’s more, I was able to develop a better understanding of my role, and the way I present, and the impact this has on Sales Representatives. In this way, I’m able to see how my performance directly impacts the performance of the company – at both a product and sales level.”

Piotr, Coordinator of Tools Sales

The Modeco Academy is part of the Modeco Challenge. Find out more about the Modeco Challenge.


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