Migrating to Office 365 in Rawlplug on Microsoft conference

Migrating to Office 365 in Rawlplug on Microsoft conference

The implementation of a new electronic communication system presents a huge challenge for any IT department. Rawlplug was invited to the “IT Transformation in the Digital World” conference organized by Microsoft to share our experience of the first phase of the implementation of Office 365.

The purpose of Microsoft’s autumn conference in Spała was to provide administrators with an opportunity to exchange experiences, express opinions and make suggestions regarding the challenges faced by IT departments whilst implementing new business systems. The event was targeted at IT managers and promoted the sharing of knowledge, both in terms of the practical solutions used in the work itself and the progress of their implementation. The conference was attended by speakers from many large companies - among them the Eiffage, Suedzucker or Totalizator Sportowy.

A valuable exchange of experience

At the end of the summer we completed the first phase of Rawlplug’s migration to Office 365, providing new tools for employees at our headquarters in Wroclaw and at Koelner Poland branches,’ says Krzysztof Błażewicz, IT Technical Manager in Rawlplug. ‘We believe that the process of implementing new solutions of this type should be documented for future reference. Our experience with the analysis of system models and their adaptation to the international nature of the organization offers invaluable guidance to IT managers.’ After his speech Rawlplug representatives discussed the process of implementing Office 365 (choice of platform, preparing the organization for change, implementation, and familiarizing employees with new solutions). They characterized the key issues which arise when migrating from previously used open source systems to modern and advanced cloud-based solutions.

Streamlining work using Office 365

Office 365 meets the communication needs of Rawlplug’s rapidly expanding global organization. The Office 365 Cloud platform allows around-the-clock access to data and communication from any location and using any device connected to the Internet (smartphone, tablet, PC). ‘The choice of this system was dictated by the need to use a simple, reliable and secure tool whose dynamic development will provide full support for our organization in the near and more distant future,’ explains Krzysztof Błażewicz. ‘We also had in mind to provide Rawlplug employees with the most comfortable working experience possible.’ The new system of communication within the organization enables better and more efficient management of calendars, correspondence and documents. We are looking to fully complete the implementation process within the organization by the end of the first quarter of 2016. At that point, the Office 365 platform will be made available to all of our branches in Poland and abroad.


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