Little students at the Children’s University – summary of a successful year and hopes for a new semester

Little students at the Children’s University – summary of a successful year and hopes for a new semester

For the second year running we have invited children to participate in weekend activities developing their knowledge and a love of learning.

During the academic year 2015/2016, with the support of Rawlplug, ten of our employees’ children aged between 6 and 13 attended classes at the Children’s University.  Classes were divided into age groups, and the topics were tailored to the interests of pupils at a given stage of development. During the lectures and exercises teachers tried to answer some important and fascinating questions. The youngest were able to find out, among other things, how to fit the Earth on a piece of paper, why cinema used to be silent, or what the fourth dimension is. The classes were met with great interest, shown by a 100% attendance of almost every class, and confirming that it was a worthwhile investment and should be continued in the new academic year. So from October our support will allow a new group of 13 of our employees' children to begin attending.

The best recommendations

Little students and their parents share their views and opinions of the Children's University.

Karolina, a student in the Discovering classes (6-7 years):

I really liked the classes, because they were interesting and thanks to them you could learn many things. They were held in different places - in modern lecture halls, but also in large and old buildings. The lecture I remember the most is "Do all owls hunt at night?" There were real owls – a small one and a large one. We found out what they eat, which ones hunt at night, where they live and lots more information. Another cool lecture was "How many cars is the bridge able to bear?" We tried a variety of mini-materials to build different bridges, to see which was the strongest. I also liked the workshop "Theatre effigies, puppets and Javanese shadow puppets?” during which the teacher explained the types of puppets used in theatre, how they move and how they are made. We even made our own puppet from a sponge and socks.

Paulina’s mother (Paulina attended the Inspirations classes (8-9 years)):

Classes at the Children’s University were very interesting. This was the result of a wide selection of topics and how the classes were conducted. Both lectures and workshops were taught in a simple and understandable manner suited to the age group, as evidenced by my daughter’s summaries after lessons. In addition, the location of lectures and exercises were varied, allowing the children to see the different universities and other places of interest e.g. museums, barges, etc., which intensified their interest and kept their attention. At the workshops the children learn different skills, which they are keen to pass on to their classmates in school. The lectures for parents were also very interesting. I would highly recommend the Children’s University – it stimulates the imagination and greatly develops each child.

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