Koelner brand sponsors Polish Taekwon-Do team

Koelner brand sponsors Polish Taekwon-Do team

Avasatare Taekwon-Do Club was founded in 2004. Since then, thanks to dynamic development, it has become one of the largest sports organizations in the municipality of Brzeg Dolny (Poland). For over 10 years the club has expanded its activities, establishing schools in the municipality of Oborniki Śląskie and in Wroclaw. Its membership includes nearly 100 people divided into four groups according to age and ability, with some as young as five and six years old. To continue the success of the club and support the development of players, the Koelner brand will be sponsoring the activities of Avasatare Taekwon-Do in the upcoming season. The schedule includes a number of events, amongst them the Polish Open Cup International Championship, the International Championship of the Czech Republic, and the Lower Silesia ITF Championship.

A medal-winning club

The dedicated involvement of trainers and an overall passion for sporting achievement has resulted in Avasatare Taekwon-Do placing highly in national and regional competitions. In 2015, the club enjoyed first place overall in the Lower Silesia ITF Taekwon-Do Championship and third place overall in the Polish ITF Taekwon-Do Championship. Avasatare Taekwon-Do is also involved in the organization of competitions in their sport: a great success is the annual ITF International OO Polish Taekwon-Do Cup. Players also participate in seminars with Korean masters, and in the summer take part in sports camps. It is worth noting that Avasatare is not just about the kids - the parents are also deeply involved in the life of the club, giving the whole endeavour one big family feeling.

Taekwon-Do as an art

Taekwon-Do is a martial art, which develops the body and shapes players physically and mentally. Besides efficiency and condition, adepts acquire fortitude through learning the ethics of Taekwon-Do, as well as the principles of healthy competition and teamwork. Taekwon-Do increases self-confidence and perseverance, and allows players not to give up in the pursuit of order; these are qualities which can be carried over into their private and professional lives.

Rawlplug focuses on sport

Supporting sports initiatives in local communities is a key part of Rawlplug’s Corporate Social Responsibility activities. We have been and are involved with football and cycling, and we are committed to the development of basketball in Wroclaw. More information about our activities can be found on the Sport site. We encourage you to follow the success of Avasatare Taekwon-Do on the club's website and Facebook profile.


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