Knowledge Invasion helping to enhance development opportunities and sales efforts at Rawlplug

Knowledge Invasion helping to enhance development opportunities and sales efforts at Rawlplug

In spring 2015, 105 sales representatives from Koelner Poland took part in the second edition of Knowledge Invasion – a series of trainings organised as part of the Modeco Academy learning programme.

Koelner Poland is part of the Rawlplug Group. As a global leader of anchoring and fixing technologies as well as a producer and distributor of power tools and accessories for the construction and home-improvement industries, Rawlplug actively seeks to evolve and promote best practices across the industry. The best place for this to start is with our own people, our business partners and our distributors, for it is these people that will be in contact with the end users; by improving the qualifications of our people, we are better positioned to influence the market.

What is the Knowledge Invasion?

The Knowledge Invasion forms part of the Modeco Academy learning programme. The Modeco Academy programme, in turn, forms part of the Modeco Challenge – an initiative aimed at bringing passionate, like-minded people together in a community environment where they can combine their professional passions with personal interests.

As a company that is constantly expanding its presence in markets around the world, our portfolio of products is growing in line with our presence. The Knowledge Invasion gives employees the chance to learn more about new products and products that are being developed. Importantly, it does not focus exclusively on product knowledge or competency development, but takes a holistic view that results in both competency levels and overall product knowledge being dramatically improved.

How does the Knowledge Invasion work from a practical perspective?

A total of three Knowledge Invasions were organised, with the target audience being sales representatives from Koelner Poland’s eight regional divisions (Katowice, Kraków, Lubartów, Wrocław, Poznań, Szczecin, Warsaw and Gdynia) and also the company’s DIY division.

At each Knowledge Invasion, there were ten learning stations – each one dedicated to a different topic.

How to be a Top Student?

In addition to giving their qualifications and product knowledge an almighty boost, the competitive element of the Knowledge Invasion gives participants a great chance to earn local and national bragging rights by becoming a ‘Top Student’

  1. At each session, participants are tested at the beginning and end of each session to see how much they have learned. These scores are then recorded over the course of the entire training programme.
  2. At the end of the year, the five participants with the highest scores are invited to take part in a Grand Final, where the knowledge accumulated over the entire Modeco Academy programme will be put to the test.
  3. The three highest-scoring participants from the Grand Final will be rewarded at a Gala event, celebrating the successful completion the Koelner Poland sales training calendar.

Featured topics in the 2015 Knowledge Invasion

There are number of key and priority topics at the Knowledge Invasion. These are determined by market factors and trends, and also by strategic objectives set out by the Rawlplug Group. This year, the priorities are:

  • New products from MODECO and DeWalt
  • Cordless Lithium-Ion Screwdrivers
  • Globus – how to select the right circular saw
  • Compactors and concrete mixers
  • Modeco and Rawlplug grinders
  • Stanley laser tools
  • The positioning of the Koelner and Rawlplug brands

What are the benefits of the Knowledge Invasion for Koelner Poland and the Rawlplug Group? 

In addition to helping raise the profile of the Koelner and Rawlplug brands, and promoting best practice across the industry, the Knowledge Invasion delivers a number of significant benefits, namely:

  • The ability to build an internal community of experts specialised in specific groups of Rawlplug products
  • Raising the qualifications of the Rawlplug Group’s salesforce, thereby strengthening our ability to compete on the market
  • Standardisation and unification of knowledge and methodologies deployed by our sales representatives across the country
  • Sales Representatives are able to share best practices while being kept informed of the vary latest developments on the market and within the company.

What the leaders say

“The Knowledge Invasion is a great – and fun – way for our sales professionals to improve their product knowledge and selling skills. It empowers them to perform better, and so positively influence their career paths. The Knowledge Invasion forms part of the Modeco Academy learning programme, through which we are demonstrating our commitment to providing the right training and support to our people, and ensuring they have everything they need to succeed in their jobs and take maximum satisfaction from their work at the Rawlplug Group.”

Jacek Biedroń, Director of Koelner Poland

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