Investing in kids – Rawlplug finances participation in Children's University

Investing in kids – Rawlplug finances participation in Children's University

October saw the start of the autumn semester at Wroclaw University of Children. To encourage and arouse an enthusiasm to learn, Rawlplug offers a year-round adventure to eleven children of its employees.

The 2015/2016 academic year will see eleven children of our employees given the opportunity to participate in many interesting and inspiring lectures and workshops at the Children’s University. Scientists and science enthusiasts will be sharing their passions with them and each meeting will offer a unique opportunity to get to know the world. Most importantly, it will awaken in them a curiosity to explore and a desire to learn not just during school lessons.

Knowledge for everyone

A characteristic feature of the Children's University is a professional approach to each lecture. Children meet at the university assembly hall to learn by playing without their parents present, which promotes independent thinking. The organizers are then careful to ensure they match subjects and teaching methods with the age, cognitive abilities and interests of the children in each group.

 The programme is designed for young students aged 6-14 years. Programme lectures are divided into three levels of play:

  • Discovering - Experience and having fun (for children aged 6 and 7 years)
  • Inspirations - Discovering the richness of the world of science (for children aged 8 and 9 years)
  • Topics - Trying to understand the world (for children aged 10 and 11 years).

 Something more than school

Activities are held on Saturdays so they do not disrupt the planned school day. The community has been created by both young students and adult learners, as well as scientific coordinators, volunteers and parents. Parents play a large role at the Children’s University by being part of Parents Guard, which organises and oversees all parental support for the students’ activities. The community develops and strengthens students and offers them the assistance they need. It is supported by the scientific community and institutes of higher education in Wroclaw.

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